∞ FileMaker: Bento Template Exchange takes off

In mid-June FileMaker announced the Bento Template Exchange, a place for users of its consumer-focused Bento customers to share ideas and templates with each other. We decided to check in with FileMaker to see how the exchange is doing. Bento 2“We had 10,000 templates downloaded in the first 24 hours,” Steve Ruddock, FileMaker’s Director of Marketing Communications, told The Loop. “Measured by the traffic and templates downloaded people are responding very well.”

Ruddock said that one of the things FileMaker learned from its customers is that they really liked Bento, but they had a hard time visualizing how they would use it for their specific needs. The exchange goes a long way to solving that problem.

Using the Bento Template Exchange, users can just go in and download whatever template they want to use. You don’t need to worry if it doesn’t fit you needs exactly, you can always customize it later.

The exchange includes 15 categories including Business, Music and Movies, Finance, and Cooking, Food and Wine. You can also search through templates using keywords to find the one that you are looking for.

Users of the full and demo version can download and import templates, according to FileMaker.

Ruddock said that FileMaker is watching the feedback of the template exchange closely, so they can add new features and make sure it is fulfilling its customers needs.