∞ Judge lifts stay, allows Psystar, Apple case to proceed

Judge Robert A. Mark has lifted an automatic stay of proceedings from Mac clone-maker Psystar’s bankruptcy filing. The move allows Apple to continue its copyright infringement suit against the company. Mac OS X LeopardIn making his ruling the judge only said that Apple must come back to the court if it wanted to collect any monetary judgement issued by the court in the copyright case.

But that shouldn’t be a problem. Apple wants a judgement, not the monetary damages. With other clone makers popping up all the time, Apple needs a concrete ruling to stop past and future companies from trying the same thing.

RussianMac and PearC have started selling clones in Russia and Germany, respectively and Quo Computer has opened up a retail store in Los Angeles.

Judge William Alsup ordered a stay of proceedings on May 26, after Psystar filed for bankruptcy. Psystar revealed that its second largest creditor was law firm Carr & Farrell, the company representing them in the Apple case.

Apple didn’t give up. The company asked the court to lift the automatic stay and allow it to continue on with the infringement case.

The companies are due to meet in court this November.