∞ AT&T: iPhone pre-orders filled within two weeks

If you didn’t get your pre-order into AT&T early, you may be out of luck getting an iPhone 3G S from them anytime soon. AT&TAT&T said on Tuesday that pre-orders the company is taking will now be filled within a week or two on a “first come, first served basis.” That means that AT&T has already blown through its inventory of iPhones for launch day, this Friday.

Apple will apparently be restocking its U.S. carrier partner fairly quickly if they are promising to fill orders that soon.

AT&T isn’t the only retailer sold out of iPhones days before the launch. Best Buy is reportedly out of pre-order phones, as well, according to Macworld. You can always take your chances with Wal-Mart on launch day.

The best bet right now seems to be with Apple. You can still pre-order iPhones from Apple with a Friday delivery date.