∞ Apple releases a slew of iLife updates

I don’t think anyone really expected iLife updates to be a part of next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but just to put any hopes to rest, Apple on Thursday released a slew of new updates.

Apple updated iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, a general iLife Support update and a Digital Camera Raw Compatibility update.

iLife Support 9.0.3 provides system-level support for all applications in the iLife suite. The update resolves memory leaks for improved performance of the Media Browser. The new version also corrects issues to display custom folders when added to the Media Browser and it now maintains correct image dates when importing from iPhoto to Aperture.

iDVD 7.0.4 contains general compatibility issues and fixes an issue where iDVD is unable to add title/comment to an image in the image details list. In addition to improved stability, iMovie 8.0.3 also adds support for 720p AVCHD Lite cameras and camcorders. Deleting a beat marker no longer modifies the project duration after installing the update and the Video Effects palette now uses the correct thumbnail for still images.

iPhoto 8.0.3 fixes several issues with publishing to MobileMe, Facebook, and Flickr. The update also fixes Slideshow playback and issues with Location (GPS) info embedded in emailed photos and exported JPEGs.

The Digital Camera Raw Update 2.6 adds support to iPhoto ’08, iPhoto ’09 and Aperture 2 for the Canon EOS 500D, Canon Rebel T1i, Canon EOS Kiss Digital X3, Nikon D5000 and the Olympus E-30.

All f the updates can be downloaded from the software update mechanism in Mac OS X or from the company’s Web site.