Macworld Expo SF 2008 – The MacBook Air Intro

Ten years ago today, I was in the audience when Jobs introduced the Air. I was skeptical at the time (the work I was doing “required” the power of a full-sized laptop. At the time, I was lugging around a 17″ MacBook Pro) but now I love my Air, especially when I travel.

Jimmy Page tells the story of “Kashmir”

One of the best music documentaries I’ve ever seen is “It Might Get Loud” – Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge just sitting around, talking about playing guitar – and this segment of Page talking about one of the most distinctive riffs in music is a great example of it.

Inside one of America’s last pencil factories

Pencils are one of those things few of us give any thought to – or, for that matter, use much any more – but this glorious photo essay will definitely get you thinking about the “lowly” pencil.

Powermat joins the Wireless Power Consortium

Ignoring the marketing speak in this press release, the bottom line – that Powermat is going with the Qi standard – is good for consumers. It means a less confusing marketplace.

This is how Meltdown works

This is a well-written explainer on what happens with Meltdown. Even I understood it. And I never say this but – read the comments as well.

900 free audio books

I’m not a huge fan of audio books but I know I’ll be listening to the Asimov’s “Nightfall” and “The Foundation Trilogy” on my next 24-hour flight to Australia.

Best tech of 2017

I’m a “Best of…” list addict. Apple has several bits of kit on this list and I’m sure we’ll see them on many more before the end of the year.

The top 15 photos on Flickr in 2017

These are all beautiful images (even if many are staged and/or heavily Photoshopped) and some of them are utterly spectacular, particularly for me #9, #8, and #1.

iPhone X review – a week in Italy

I’m not a huge fan of the actual photos taken – I’ve been to the places shot and the photos seem washed out, colour-wise, but that may be the photographer’s editing – but the detail in the shots is remarkable.

A Supermoon trilogy

A “super blue blood moon”? Come on. They’re just making stuff up now.