The 31 best dance scenes in movies

I hate dancing (I feel all uncoordinated and clumsy) but I love watching dancing. These 31 scenes from the movies are a blast to watch.

Riding the waves of Nazaré

I’ll be in Lisbon, Portugal teaching a beginner photography workshop in March and I’m really hoping to get out to Nazaré to see these incredible waves. The men who surf them are utterly insane.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire — are you buying one?

I’ve been following Harley’s development of the LiveWire since the prototype was first unvelied in 2014. It’s a fascinating project but maybe not for the reasons Harley wants it to be.

Iceland Foods’ banned TV Christmas ad

I don’t usually say this but don’t watch this video on Youtube. Watch it here first and notice when you spot what the issue is. The next question is, why was it banned?

A strange welcome in Canada

As a proud Nova Scotianer, I feel no shame in saying, categorically, that Newfoundlanders are the nicest people in Canada. I was honoured to have been screeched-in many years ago in a bar in St John’s and highly recommend it to anyone who visits this lovely province.

The new iPad Pro for photographers

Mann looks at the new iPad Pro from the same POV I would – how is it for a professional photographer working in the field? After reading the review, I really want a new iPad for my photography workshop in Lisbon next March.

Live polar bear camera

Fall is Polar Bear season in northern Manitoba, and throughout November you can check out on a live cam what they are up to in the Wapusk National Park.

Canadian CRT class action lawsuit

A lot of my fellow Canadians qualify for this class action. You’re not likely to get a lot of money out of it but every little bit helps.

Pilot callsigns

Unless you were involved in the military, I bet the first time most of us heard about callsigns was from the movie Top Gun. We just called them nicknames. I’m lucky – with the last name I have, the only possible nickname/callsign I could have is Kong.

MacBook Air vs. iPad Pro is a choice between the past and the future

This will be an interesting problem for many of us. I’m in the market for a new device and am torn between these two new offerings. What would push me over the edge to the iPad Pro would be for Adobe to (soon!) announce the full version of Lightroom is available for the iPad Pro, as they announced for Photoshop.

New Mac mini video from Apple

This Mac is mini in size only – everything has been upgraded and updated, including the price.