The 37 best photography accessories

Got a photographer in your life you need Christmas gift(s) for? This is a varied list with all kinds of price points on some cool accessories for your shooter.

How much does a kilogram weigh?

These stories have always fascinated me. I bet most people don’t realize the “official” kilogram is an actual physical object.

This is what photos from a $63,000 camera look like

This may be blasphemous to professional photographers (or it may be because I’m looking at the images via a web browser) but the composition of the sample images (and the images on the video) is kind of boring and you can’t really see where the $63,000 value is.

Used car commercial for a 1996 Honda Accord

The video has gone viral and is one of the top trending videos on YouTube, and the car’s price has already exceeded $20,000 on eBay with over 80 bids and nearly a week remaining. If you find someone who loves … Continued

iPhone user guide

Apple has updated their online User Guide for iPhones with info about the iPhone X. A good read while you wait for UPS to arrive.

Differential Privacy paper from Apple

This is a really interesting paper from Apple describing how they gather data from users but anonymize that data. Of course, all you’re going to read from most media outlets is “Here are the most popular emoji!” And people wonder why Apple “dislikes” the media.

Apple financial results for Q4 2017

As usual, Apple will announce a metric buttload of profit and sales. And, as usual, expect a lot of unanswered and stupid questions from the assembled analysts on the call.

Photo enhancement is starting to get crazy

Petapixel: As the worlds of artificial intelligence and digital photography collide, we’re starting to see some mind-blowing technology emerge. The latest research in turning low-resolution photos into high-definition photos may drop your jaws — it’s starting to cross into the … Continued


Racing against Yamaha’s MOTOBOT Ver.2, an autonomous motorcycle, is an interesting test.

Auction of Steve Jobs’ 2000 BMW Z8

Sothebys: While not known to be a car enthusiast per se, Steve Jobs did have a penchant for German automobiles and design, owning BMW motorcycles, as well as Mercedes-Benz SLs. According to legend, Jobs was convinced to buy the Z8 … Continued

Apple is facing a double standard

For us oldtimers, this double standard is nothing new. I’ve often wondered if, in their heart of hearts, this pisses off Apple executives. I’ve asked them but, publicly, they would admit no such thing.

2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air crash test

The first inclination is, “Oh, those old cars were built like tanks!” but its quickly apparent that the myriad safety features found on newer cars are literally lifesaving.

Microsoft has stopped manufacturing the Kinect

I couldn’t wait to get the Kinect and thought it was a pretty cool use of the tech. But there was never much further direct development of it (it lives on in HoloLens) and the games that used it never seemed to make advancements or be compelling enough.

How y’all, youse and you guys talk

Interesting survey on dialects and what words mean depending on where you live in the US. Apparently, as a Canadian, I talk like people from Spokane, Boise, and Salt Lake City.