The 10 safest countries in the world

I don’t take these kinds of lists too seriously but I am happy to say I live in #6 and will be visiting #4 next March.

Why I’m done with Chrome

This is justifiably worrying to security experts. I’ve been a Chrome user in the past but, with today’s release of Mojave, I’m likely going back to Safari.

No sex please, we’re Apple: iPhone giant seeks TV success on its own terms

I don’t think this is as big a problem for Apple as some make it out to be. After all, in theory, your “G” rated audience is going to be much bigger than your “R” rated audience. Apple wants to appeal to the broadest group of consumers it can – whether that be with iPhones or original content.

iPhone XS vs iPhone X camera comparison

As I’ve always said on Your Mac Life, these are the kinds of comparisons and shots I want to see. I don’t see the point of giving review cameras ahead of launch to the likes of Austin Mann and Pete Souza – they are professional photographers who are expected to take great photos no matter what camera they use. I’d rather see Apple seed cameras to “average” people and see what the differences are in their shots.

I almost just got scammed hard: a cautionary tale

Scary thread from Sasser, co-founder of Panic Inc. Big lesson is if someone calls you, call them back at the company’s official number to verify. Or do what I do – just never answer the phone.

For Valentino Dixon, a wrong righted

This is an incredible story. If it hadn’t been for his drawings of a sport he never played, he’d still be in prison.

Former White House Photographer Pete Souza releases the first pictures taken using Apple’s new iPhone XS

Several Twitterers are pointing to Austin Mann’s Petapixel post with images shot on the new iPhone but, to me, Mann’s shots are “just” the typical ones any tourist would take and don’t show off the capabilities of the new iPhone. Souza shows a wide variety of shots that do a great job of showing the range of the iPhone X s.

Shortcuts user guide

I wasn’t a beta user of iOS 12 so I’m looking forward to digging in to what Shortcuts can do for me.

The rise and demise of RSS

I am still a big fan of RSS. I don’t know if it’s “dead” or not but it’s a shame it’s not more popular.