1Password 7 for Mac review

There’s no doubt 1Password is the best and easiest to use password manager available for the Mac and iOS.

The 100 best one hit wonder songs: a streamable playlist

Great playlist but I’d disagree with categorizing some of these bands as “one hit wonders”. While they may not be as good as their one song inclusions on this list, some had long and successful careers.

Ersatz free trials

While many of us will be happy to have free trials available to us, as a developer, Jalkut still has some understandable concerns he hopes Apple will address.

Real Canadian road rage

This is an old video but I posted it to remind readers who drive cars to please be on the lookout for motorcycles. The life you save may be mine. And riders, I know how incredible it is to go fast on your bike b

Tim Cook reveals his tech habits: I use my phone too much

I think “revealed” might be typical hyperbole but I’m definitely looking forward to this feature in iOS 12 if only out of curiosity. I don’t think anything it tells me will actually make me use my phone less.

Four OS updates. One big day.

The WWDC 2018 Keynote is just over. Apple has updated their web site with some of the news that was announced and the replay of the keynote will be posted shortly.

The Pyramids of Giza are near a Pizza Hut, and other sites that may disappoint you

This story is funny/sad. I’ve been to the places described and they really can be disappointing if you’re expecting something much grander. It may no longer be there but when I was at the Great Sphinx ten years ago, there was a “Sphinx Guest House” a literal stone’s throw away. It was really jarring.

How one Apple programmer got apps talking to each other

Sal is an acknowledged legend in the Mac community for his work at Apple but I know him as a friend and a great guy to talk to. I spent a week with him trapped on a cruise ship and he was the only thing that made it tolerable.