The evolution of Ferrari

I am an unabashed lover of most things Ferrari and this video is just a reminder of how many of their cars I’ve lusted over through the years. I’ve always wanted the 308 GTSI (The “Magnum P.I.” Ferrari) and I would murder family members just to drive the 1962 250 GTO.


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“The Gunfighter”

It may not be the “Best Short Film Ever” but it is damn funny.

Twitter kills the Twitter for Mac app

What used to be a great app atrophied and died because of lack of support from its owner, not because Twitter is “focusing our efforts on a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms.”

What exactly is Curling?

We Canadians love our curling. It helps that we are a “world power” of the sport.

Can silence actually drive you crazy?

After his report on his “Inside Apple’s HomePod Audio Lab” tour, several commenters asked Jim what it sounded like inside the anechoic chamber. This video may help.

Falcon Heavy test flight

Hyperbole aside, (no Ars Technica – this wasn’t “the moment SpaceX opened the cosmos to the masses”), it was still a pretty cool launch and the simultaneous landings of the two outer cores (the third middle core was lost at sea) was incredible.

The colour of the ancient world

Like most of us, I thought the statues and monuments we saw of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and others were a dull white or a boring sandy brown colour.

“Smart” speaker – what makes a speaker smart?

Maybe if Apple had called the HomePod a “super speaker” or something else and more directly avoided the comparison to “smart” devices like the Echo and the Home, they wouldn’t be having so many tech reviewers reviewing a Ferrari as if it were a Corolla.

“The blue marble”

This guy is a mad genius. I hope he continues to use his powers for good and never evil.

The art of sound mixing vs sound editing

This is a great series of videos explaining the differences between sound mixing vs sound editing by Oscar winner Walter Murch. I don’t know much about sound but I know I’d watch Murch explain the phone book. Always an interesting guy to listen to.

“Three Minutes”

The annual Chinese New Year migration is the largest in the world. This story of just one small piece of it is lovely and poignant.