From clockworks to computers on our wrists

I don’t know if you can definitely say Apple has beaten “Swiss watchmakers at their own game”, but they definitely saw a niche in the watch market no one else was serving. The Apple Watch fascinates me if only for the fact it has gotten so many non-watch people to start wearing a watch and the reasons for wearing one are wide and varied – which is good news for Apple.

Woman panics over close encounter with whales

This is simultaneously funny and sad. FYI, no these humpbacks are not “going to kill us!” and there’s no need to call 911 to report there’s a whale under your boat. Finally, for God’s sake, don’t start your damn engines when whales are that close to you.

My bodyguard, my self

I have some relatives in the “protection industry” and I’m always fascinated by the people who do this kind of work.

Why this watch costs over $450,000

This level of watch and their valuation always fascinates me. Not just for the incredible workmanship of the watches but because, generally, I find the individual watches to be butt ugly. But that may just mean I’m uncultured.

Butter tart recipe

I had no idea butter tarts were a Canadian thing until I moved to the US. I just assumed everyone enjoyed these yummy little desserts. It is definitely a delicious holiday tradition for many of us in Canada and, even better, fairly easy to make.

What Businessweek got wrong about Apple

We quoted pieces of this strongly worded rebuttal/denial in our story this morning but here is the full text of what Apple sent to Bloomberg regarding the Businessweek story.

National Theater in London offers glasses with live subtitles

I went to an opera once and they had subtitles above the stage. While I really appreciated it, it was a bit distracting. The audience would “get the joke” before the singers had actually sung the lyric. While these glasses may be targeted at those with hearing difficulties, I can see it being a boon to a lot of different people attending productions.

In praise of mediocrity

Interesting theory but I don’t agree with it. I think people don’t have hobbies because they don’t have the time or the money to pursue them. My favourite “hobby” is riding my motorcycle but I can’t do it as much as I’d like for many reasons, money being one of them.

“Portraits of Melissa”

I never used “Moments” from the iOS Photos app but, under iOS 12, “For You” pops up with these little videos now and again. I’m fairly impressed. Without me having named any of the pics or videos, the phone has identified my lovely wife and created this little video of her.

iPhone naming: 1 step forward, 4 steps back

I’m with Segall on this one. I think Apple may have painted themselves into a naming corner. I tend to refer to the new phones simply as “the S”, “the Max”, and “the R”. Still awkward though.

California Apple Store robbery gang stole over $1M in goods, cops say

At what point does Apple revise its store in order to stop this kind of theft or whether they just see this as the cost of doing business the way they do? My biggest fear is that someone, staff or customer, gets hurt or worse in one of these smash and grabs.