Heading to a cardiologist

As always, take what you read on Reddit with a grain of salt but, if true, this is an incredible story and one I’m sure will be repeated.

Tim Cook’s speech at the “Annual Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate”

Apple CEO Tim Cook accepts the Anti-Defamation League’s inaugural Courage Against Hate Award at the Never is Now Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate today. He gave a powerful keynote speech with a strong message for those who want to spread hate on Apple’s platform.

Apple’s Veterans and Military Purchase Program

Good to see Apple doing this. We do far too little for our veterans and military personnel. I’d like to see Apple offer this in all of its sales regions. And frankly, a 10% discount is the bare minimum. It should be much larger.

My beautiful death

What an awful, terrible story. My heart goes out to this artist.

TV Treasures live auction

The Star Trek memorabilia alone will get you drooling and wanting to bid. Luckily, the prices are out of reach for the vast majority of us.