12 world class museums you can visit online

There’s nothing like actually visiting one of these museums but I like showing the 12-year-old some of the exhibits in the Louvre, Smithsonian, and NASA museums.

How much risk is good for kids? Parents make the case for more adventurous childhood

I guess because I’m the “new” father, this place would freak me out to send my child into (I’d still do it) but my wife said she wouldn’t have a problem letting him play in this “risky” playground. I certainly agree with her when she says similar things to this article – we protect children too much at times.

Why little vehicles will conquer the city

Great piece on the inevitable rise of “Little Vehicles”. Many city residents would be much better served by various combinations of LVs, especially if cities are redesigned away from cars.

Welcome to Blaine, the town Amazon Prime built

I’m one of those customers. The difference in price and availability between Amazon Canada’s offerings and Amazon US is staggering, even when you include the exchange rate.

What it takes to be a Blue Man

One of the oddest, most interesting shows I ever saw in Las Vegas was Blue Man many years ago. I’d love to see them again sometime.

The horses that changed history

I’m a City Kid who has never had any interaction with horses (I’ve touched exactly three in my life and ridden one once for 60 minutes) but they have always fascinated me. This is a great story about the history of these majestic creatures.

Find solar & lunar eclipses in your city

There’s a blood moon on 27 July and I was looking for info about it that led me to this website. It’s one to bookmark because it lets you know not only when a solar or lunar eclipse will occur but whether or not you can see it from your location.

How to avoid backing a crowdfunding failure

I’ve been burned by a couple of failed Kickstarters and have had several more fail to meet their goals. This article has some good ideas on how to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

How to get your kids to do chores (without resenting it)

It’s a really interesting dynamic in my new family. I want our 12-year-old to do “his fair share” of the household chores (just like I did when I was his age) but it’s a struggle to get him to help with things he’s not used to helping with. It’s undoubtedly too late for many of you parents out there to implement this strategy but it might be something you can pass on to new parents.

The fight for the right to be cremated by water

I may be an outlier here but I really don’t much care what happens to my body after I’ve died. If it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly to be “aquamated”, then that’s fine by me.