AirPods have gone viral

Interesting analysis but for me, it’s tempered by that fact that where I live in Vancouver, Canada, I rarely if ever see AirPods in use.

Will there ever be a mile-high skyscraper?

I’m a confirmed City Kid and love skyscrapers and how they make a city’s skyline beautiful or less so. So there’s a fascination for the idea of a mile high skyscraper. But is it just a lack of desire/money or physics that prevents it from happening?

1990s Captain Marvel website

This. is. awful. If any of you young folks want to know what the World Wide Web looked like in the 1990s, look upon this site and despair for your elders and what we had to endure.

How to buy the best SD card for your camera, phone, tablet

It used to be easy – just buy an SD card. But nowadays, between various cameras, drones and other devices, along with the specs constantly being updated, you need to buy the right card for the right device.

Buy a toque, give a damn

I’m a big fan of this organization and the work they do. Toques can be considered uniquely Canadian but even if you’re not from the Great White North, buy one and give a damn.

New “Guinness Clear”

For those of you who find regular Guinness too strong, the company has developed “Guinness Clear”. Apparently, it has a flavor reminiscent of Heineken.