Coin stacking

This guy has the hands of a surgeon and the patience of a saint.

A concise history of the LED watch

I’m old enough to remember lusting after an LED watch when I was a kid. They seemed so cool and space age-y. I had to “settle” for an old Timex my dad gave me that turned out to be my most valued possession for years – just because dad gave it to me.

My life not knowing what colors look like

I’ve known a few people who are color blind but this is the best description I’ve read of what dealing with it on a day to day basis is like.

The “Goldilocks Era” for iPhone has begun

Typical well thought out analysis. Keep this Goldilocks Era idea in mind over the next few cycles. Apple is going to be just fine with iPhone sales, even if they can’t hit the historic heights of years past.

Setapp, the Netflix of Mac apps, is better than ever

I’m a general hater of subscription-based services but I have no problem recommending Setapp and, with a seven-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to try it out and see for yourself.

The evolution of Ferrari

I am an unabashed lover of most things Ferrari and this video is just a reminder of how many of their cars I’ve lusted over through the years. I’ve always wanted the 308 GTSI (The “Magnum P.I.” Ferrari) and I would murder family members just to drive the 1962 250 GTO.


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“The Gunfighter”

It may not be the “Best Short Film Ever” but it is damn funny.

Twitter kills the Twitter for Mac app

What used to be a great app atrophied and died because of lack of support from its owner, not because Twitter is “focusing our efforts on a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms.”

What exactly is Curling?

We Canadians love our curling. It helps that we are a “world power” of the sport.