The unsolvable mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript

I have been interested in the Voynich Manuscript since I first heard of it in high school. I am nowhere near smart enough to get involved in its deciphering community but the idea of what it is and what it represents fascinates me.

Emails between Apple and FDA hint at future plans

It’s common knowledge that Apple has been very interested in developing hardware and software (likely associated with the Apple Watch) for various aspects of the healthcare industry. The problem is, as Cook said a year ago, Apple isn’t crazy about having to put the Apple Watch through the FDA process. Simple, fast, free photo galleries

I’ve used several times in my photography classes. While it has some minor annoyances, it’s a quick and easy way to get a bunch of images up on a web site for others to see.

Apple schedules annual iTunes Connect holiday shutdown

Not news per se (Apple has done this for many years) but it serves as a reminder for those of us who can’t figure out why there aren’t any app updates during the week between Christmas and New Years. The whole company functionally shuts down.

Apple macOS “Color Burst” wallpapers

From the Imgur web site, these are extracted from the latest macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Beta 4 and they are gorgeous. I’d love to know the story behind how they were shot.

Lunch atop a skyscraper: the story behind the 1932 photo

It is probably the most famous picture of construction workers ever taken. It’s an amazing shot, not just for the photograph itself but for who these men were, what they were doing and their utter fearlessness. I can’t look at the photo without feeling a little queasy and yet they had lunch on a steel beam 800 feet in the air.

Flight of the starlings

I love watching these videos and would love to see this in person.

Understanding Apple’s marginalization of the Mac

Those of us who “love” our Macs or need them to make a living certainly have tre[idation with the seeming lack of direction Apple is showing with the Mac. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom or that the Mac is going away any time soon though.

Based on a true true story?

I love movies but anyone who knows me knows I can be a real PITA when it comes to historical accuracy. This website is a data gold mine for pedantic bastards like me.