The 100 greatest American films

These are always fun lists. I’ve seen 47 of these films. It’s going to rain all weekend here so it looks like I’ll have plenty of great movies to watch.

All-new Top Gear Episode 1 trailer

While I’ll miss the previous hosts, I’m very interested to see if the BBC manages to capture at least the spirit of the previous version or whether they will go in a completely new, different, better direction.

4 cheap Soviet lenses worth hunting down on eBay

These are some very strange lenses but, if you are a victim of Lens Envy, they might scratch that itch. If nothing else, you’ll have some interesting photographic conversation pieces.

A response to the Yellowstone bison incident from an actual wildlife biologist

First of all, I’m embarrassed that the idiots who did this were Canadian. Secondly, if you have to go out in the woods (and I don’t recommend it), please be aware you are the visitor/intruder and leave it the same way you found it. That includes not physically interacting with the animals you come across.

Imagine a dog. Got it? I don’t. Here’s what it’s like to be unable to visualize anything.

While I’m not as afflicted as the story’s writer, I have many of the same issues. When I say/type the word “cube”, the vast majority of you will see a three-dimensional cube in your mind’s eye. I don’t have a mind’s eye. I see the actual word “cube”. It’s the only way I can visualize it. It’s probably why I have such an incredibly bad sense of direction. I can’t visualize the three-dimensionality of geography and place myself spatially. Maps mean nothing to me because I can’t imagine my place in the in the 3D space.

Tekserve, “New York’s mom-and-pop Apple shop,” won’t be around much longer

First spotted in a tweet by Arik Hesseldahl, this story, while not unexpected, still makes me sad. Tekserve is one of the few remaining cool, old school, Mac retail stores. They had a fabulous vibe, true nerds behind the counter, a great location and wonderful staff and ownership. While they will stick around, their retail location will be missed.

How the Netherlands helped engineer the perfect tulip for Canada’s 150th birthday

The story is a bit misleading – there’s no actual information on how the tulip was engineered – but it’s still a great story about the remarkable affection and friendship the Dutch have for and with Canada. You can see the Canada150 tulip at the Canadian Tulip Festival this weekend in Ottawa and buy it for your own home garden at Home Hardware stores this September.

Magnets and marbles

As you can see, we’re big fans of marble and complicated machinery videos here at The Loop (check out Dave Mark’s “The amazing Marble Mountain machine” post from earlier today). While this one isn’t a continuous shot video (so it doesn’t qualify as “Rube Goldberg-esque”), it’s still fascinating to watch and imagine the ingenuity of the creator to come up with the tricks shown.

The voice of baseball: Get to know Vin Scully, the man behind the mike

If you are a fan of baseball, you owe it to yourself to listen (you don’t even have to watch) Dodgers games that Vin Scully is broadcasting. If you are a podcaster, listen to how Scully does his job. Listen to his cadence and the way he uses his voice. I’m not even a Dodgers fan but I will often listen to their games just to hear the sound of Scully’s voice and marvel at how he can talk almost constantly for the entire game and be entertaining the whole time.

The mind-boggling challenge of designing 120-sided dice

The D&D nerds out there (a group I am proud to be part of) are undoubtedly trying to figure out a way to use these. If nothing else, at only $12 each, I’d buy a couple just to add to my dice collection.

Creative things to do with a dead body

As a Nova Scotianer, I’d love to be buried at sea off the coast of my home province. After all the food the ocean has provided me (I’ve eaten hundreds of pounds of lobster), I think it’s only fair I feed the little fishies right back.

The story behind hockey’s most famous photo

In honor of the NHL playoffs on now (I’m halfheartedly cheering for Nashville and Pittsburgh – both cities I used to live in), this is a really interesting back story of one of the greatest action photos ever taken.