Apollo 11 space capsule is going on another mission

One of the great museum exhibits in the world is going on tour and you owe it to yourself to go see it if it comes to your area. It will be in Houston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. I was lucky enough to see it in DC at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum but when it comes to Seattle, I’ll definitely make the trip down there to see it again.

New Top Gear trailer

I’ll always have a soft spot for Top Gear but its first season after the Clarkson implosion was not good by any measure. But I also don’t think “The Grand Tour” was a whole lot better. I’m looking forward to seeing this version of Top Gear with the two-thirds new cast.

Scientists discover 7 ‘Earthlike’ planets orbiting a nearby star

This is an amazing discovery and really cool science but when you hear the media describe it as a “nearby” star, note that’s in astronomical terms. Even though it’s “only” 39 light-years away, it will likely be at least a century before humans can even think about traveling to them.

Standing desks are either the greatest things ever or completely useless

As usual, the truth stands (see what I did there?) somewhere between. I’ve tried several kinds of standing desks and I prefer the ones that are adjustable. With bad knees, I can’t stand for an entire work day so being able to sit and stand when I feel like it works best for me.

No comment

The only DVDs I’ve ever bought have been because of the commentary track. Not having them available anymore is a shame and a real loss to moviephiles.

This image of terror should not be photo of the year

I’ve been following this discussion since the photo was given the “World Press Photo of the Year” award. It’s been a fascinating discussion on several levels. I honestly can’t decide on which side of the fence I fall. I can see the excellent points both arguments make.

Wearable fitness devices don’t seem to make you more fit

Interesting article and, while the conclusions may be slightly controversial, it does make sense as described. I think fitness devices don’t “make” you more fit but they can help you track your fitness goals.

Do camera reviews even matter?

I wouldn’t go far as to say they don’t matter but I do agree with the overall premise – take the reviews with huge truckloads of salt. The only camera review site I trust implicitly is Digital Photography Review. Their reviews are both technical and creative and contain a wealth of information. But nothing replaces your own experience and word of mouth when it comes to camera reviews.

Things I learned covering the Westminster dog show

I’ve never been behind the scenes at the Westminster show but have been for other much smaller shows and many of the things mentioned here are common throughout. It’s a fascinating world.

The story of a biker’s Sunday

Richard Hammond, of “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour” fame, is not just a car guy. He also loves motorcycles. If you’ve ever wondered why those of us who ride do this incredibly dangerous thing, read this article. The feelings he describes in the beginning of the piece are bang on for many of us, as is the camaraderie you have with random other riders – they may be complete strangers but you have the “brotherhood” that ties you to each other in ways hard to understand or describe.

The difficult journey of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

Khan is arguably the best Star Trek movie. At least, I think of it as being the most enjoyable out of a long list of pretty mediocre movies in the franchise. I won’t ever watch it again because I’m afraid it’s not as good as I remember it to be.

Amazon Echo on the web

I’ve been playing around this morning with Reverb, seeing how it compares to Siri on the macOS desktop. If you don’t have an Amazon Echo-type product but want to see what all the hype is about, this will give you a taste.