Taiwan motorcycle advertisement

This is an old video but what a wonderful, poignant ad celebrating lifelong friendships and motorcycles. I’m honestly jealous of these guys.

iPhone 8 Plus and me: A 72-hour quest for beautiful images

As a (supposed) professional photographer, I’m really interested in the improvements and features of the new iPhones’ cameras and the advancements Apple is making in photography. They are helping “average users” to create beautiful, compelling images.

“Dear Apple”

Apple has posted a bunch of product videos from today’s announcement but the “Dear Apple” video was especially touching.

How we created Time magazine’s first iPhone portfolio

These are wonderful photos of amazing women. That they were shot so quickly on something as “simple” as an iPhone (and three different models at that) shows the power of the device in the hands of an accomplished photographer.

How Apple finally made Siri sound more human

Anything Apple can do to make Siri better is a welcome thing. I’ve heard comments from iOS 11 beta testers that Siri sounds different. I just want “her” to work better.

12 yoga poses for people who aren’t flexible

I’ve always been about as flexible as a plank but, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really noticed a significant additional stiffening. My SO is an accomplished yoga practitioner and has encouraged me to start off slow doing these kinds of poses.

Apple, Amazon join race for James Bond film rights

Hollywood and the press that covers it are notorious for these kinds of stories that act as trial balloons in negotiations with various companies. I don’t believe for a second Apple is actually in the running for the James Bond rights.

Microsoft tells some Mac Office users to pass on Apple’s High Sierra

Office isn’t officially dead on the Mac but it might be on life support. UPDATE for clarification (not that it will help): Fewer and fewer Mac users use/need/want Office. At some point, Microsoft will face diminishing returns in their effort to support, sell and develop the software. That point may be coming sooner rather than later, in my opinion. My apologies for not more clearly stating my point in the original post.

NYPD needs to replace 36K useless smartphones

Ouch. It’s bad enough to have to make this turnaround but it sounds like the entire process and decision was driven by one person. That’s a recipe for disaster. The big question should be, of the other choices available, why choose Microsoft-based phones over those that run Google’s Android software or Apple’s iOS?

Recode your health

There’s no doubt that Apple sees health and fitness as another platform for their products. It’s really interesting watching them do so many little things that will eventually add up to really big things.