Which car brands have the most (and least) loyal owners?

I found this fascinating. As someone who doesn’t own a car and doesn’t really care about cars, I had no idea that brand loyalty was so low in this market. No wonder the advertising around it is so prevalent and forceful. Customers are ripe for changes.

The entire history of steel

I now know more about steel than I ever did and I had fun reading this very accessible article with my 12 year old.

Why do we grunt more as we get older?

Those of us “of a certain age”, will read the title of this and think, “YES! Why is that!?” The answer is more interesting than it has any right to be.

The App Store turns 10

Apple rightly toots its own horn here. While the App Store can (and will) deserve criticism from a lot of people, developers and users alike, it’s still the best, most secure way to to get apps on our iOS devices.

Push nope-ifications

The idiots running Twitter continue to make decisions that hurt the platform.

Why soccer players take dives

I’m a fair weather soccer fan but am familiar enough with the game to understand why players do it. But the more egregious flops can really take the fun out of watching a game.