This looks…odd….but I hope it’s a huge success for the folks at Panic, a great Mac software company.

App Camp for Girls will not be held this summer

This is really sad news. Silicon Valley has hundreds of rich white guys whining about how they can’t find enough stuff to spend their billions on. Hey Jeff Bezos — do the world a favour and give App Camp for Girls several million dollars out of your couch cushions.

Apple holds Apple Park opening ceremony and tribute to Steve Jobs

As first reported by the YML Daily and later confirmed by 9to5Mac, Apple inaugurated the opening of it’s Apple Park Campus with a “rainbow” stage and performance. The stage and adjacent area will continue to be used as a space for all hands meetings, parties, and WWDC Beer Bashes.

Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle

Yeah, it may look silly and isn’t 100% effective but anything that increases the margin of safety is a good thing. Plus, it helps when you go jump in a lake.

The Big Bang Theory’s long reign, explained

I enjoyed The Big Bang Theory immensely for what it was – a silly little comedy. While I’d never call it a “great” show, I looked forward to watching it each week and I’m sorry its run has come to an end.

The price of plenty: how beef changed America

When I lived on a farm, I was involved in a very minor aspect of the beef industry and even at that level, it was pretty brutal. I can’t imagine it on an industrial scale.

The pros and cons of noise-canceling headphones

I was an early user of the original Bose noise-canceling headphones and, while I liked them well enough, I’ve switched to noise attenuating earphones and on the motorcycle, simple earplugs that do a great job of reducing decibel levels.

Microsoft teases its Edge browser for macOS

I’m looking forward to testing this out. The “perfect” browser hasn’t been made yet and it’s not likely this will be it either but competition is good.

Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard

This is a wonderful silly game reminiscent of the “paper route” games of years ago but that music has to go.

The push to break up Big Tech, explained

None of the efforts to break up these companies will actually come to fruition – as the article points out, US anti-trust laws are mostly about high prices – but it may bring about additional regulation of the companies, something that must be worrisome to the companies involved.