How online shopping makes suckers of us all

This is the part of online shopping that pisses me off the most – the blatant price gouging and fluctuations based on factors not found in brick and mortar stores.

Sony unveils blazing fast a9: A 24MP sports camera that shoots 20fps

On specs alone, this camera will make many sports shooters drool. The price ($4,500) puts it out of reach of most sane beginners and enthusiasts but the feature set will (slowly) make its way down the Sony line. Regardless, Sony has thrown down the gauntlet to Canon and Nikon.

Phishing with Unicode domains

Wow. This is really scary. Take a look at his example of making’s URL look correct but end up at a potential phishing site.

The Flickr Explore page is still really amazing

I tell all my students to check out the photographs on Flickr’s Explore page, either to see how others shot the same thing or to use it as a way to train their eye for composition and other elements.

Why Canada is the world’s most beautiful country

Of course, I’m biased but, if you’re looking for a vacation this year, you’ll find a lot to like about my home country, especially on the occasion of our 150th anniversary.

The birth of a dugout canoe

Another amazing video using skills and techniques fast disappearing from our technology-focused world. I’d love to have one of these canoes.

In Conversation with Al Gore and Lisa Jackson

Many will forget that one of the reasons why the original version of the Apple Stores had theater space was for events like these. Turns out, Apple didn’t need anything other than products to bring people into the stores. Sadly, it means these kinds of (possibly) interesting events are very few and far between.