Gemini Photos declutters your photo library

There are a lot of iOS apps that offer varying versions and methods for doing this with varying levels of success and utility. While I like Gemini Photos’ methodology, because I keep my photo library pretty minimal on my iPhone, it’s not a “necessary” app for me. And, with a subscription pricing model or a flat rate of $15, the price point may be steep for a casual user. That being said, if you’re running out of space on your iPhone, give the three-day free trial a shot to see if the app can save you some space.

1Password releases version 7 for macOS

I’ve used 1Password for years and love it. My wife is the typical non-techy who didn’t like trying to come up with a new password for every web site so she used the same one everywhere – Sydney1234. I showed her the error of her ways by “hacking” her favourite shopping site and now she loves using 1Password.

Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote livestream

Along with sending out press invites today, Apple confirmed they will be livestreaming the 2018 WWDC Keynote for those of us unable to be there in person.

How the “Math Men” overthrew the “Mad Men”

It feels as if we are at a real inflection point. We can go down the path of allowing marketers unfettered access to all the data they can possible vacuum up about us, giving up privacy in favor of “better” advertisements, or we can try, using any number of personal, governmental and software/hardware-based solutions as we can develop, to lock them out of our lives.

A town called “Asbestos”

It’s easy to take potshots at Asbestos, a proud Canadian town with a terrible, sad history. I’m very impressed that Tom Scott treated it with dignity and respect.

“We’re going to the science museum”

8:40am. I’ve signed a risk assessment and promised not to take any photos. WE’RE GOING TO THE SCIENCE MUSEUM— Simon Smith (@simonfromharlow) May 21, 2018 I have no idea who Simon Smith is but this has got to be the … Continued

Fed up with Apple’s policies, app developers form a ‘union’

“Fed up” may be a misleading characterization of one of this loosely formed union’s “demands” but I agree the issue of free trials is a sticking point. I try out (and therefore buy) much less software from the iOS App Store than I ever did with the old shareware model specifically because I can’t “try before I buy” iOS apps.

How to search Twitter

Texas Resistance: I have a feeling that the vast majority of people on Twitter are not aware of how to take advantage of Twitter’s search capabilities. I’ve had people assume I spent a long time finding something when it took … Continued

Breaking down Seinfeld

My wife is a huge Seinfeld fan and I’m a huge fan of massaging data like this so we’re both happy.

The spectacular power of “Big Lens”

The Guardian: Almost everyone wears glasses at some point in their lives. In developed countries, the rule of thumb is that around 70% of adults need corrective lenses to see well. Over the last generation, just two companies have risen … Continued

Apple, influence, and Ive

Ive can be obtuse in interviews sometimes but it’s still interesting to read his thoughts about design.

Newsweek had the exclusive iMac announcement story

While the iMac wasn’t a guaranteed success (there was a lot of Sturm und Drang over its design and technology decisions), it was a Hail Mary that turned into an incredible product for the company.

Steve Jobs introduces the original iMac

In my opinion, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of this announcement. I’ve long maintained that the iMac saved Apple. Without it, the company would not exist today.