Windowed – an web browser for Instagram

I want to give a quick shout out to the free Windowed MacOS app – It’s a “browser” that lets you view, upload and manage your Instagram accounts from the desktop. I use the Instagram app when I’m on my phone but, when I’m on the desktop, Windowed works great.

At Folsom Prison: Johnny Cash’s career-changing show

This is a really interesting dissection of a show and album many of us may have heard as kids. I met Mr Cash briefly when I lived in Nashville, TN and, even though it was in a very mundane setting, I couldn’t have been more excited and he couldn’t have been more generous and kind.

Remembering Stan Lee

He has passed but the things he helped create will outlast us all and give joy to millions for generations.

Cassette tapes are back, don’t you dare call them obsolete

Popular Mechanics: In 2017, according to an annual report from music-industry research company Buzzangle, cassette sales in the U.S. rose 136 percent, even more than vinyl, which was the only other format in the beleaguered music industry that was still … Continued

How to plan astrophotography with Photopills

This is a great point. I’ve gotten lucky with many shots but I’ve never gotten lucky with night shots. They require planning well ahead of time.

Amazon misreads the room

I have no dog in this hunt but I find it really interesting. Amazon is just playing the game the politicians have set up for them. And, if past is prologue, there will be no long-term damage to them over this.

The kilogram is dead; long live the kilogram

I’ve been following this weirdly fascinating story for years. I loved the idea that an international measurement was represented in reality by one example of it deep in a lab vault in France. I’ll be a little sad when it gets replaced.

Monsoon V

Absolutely amazing work. Even more impressive when you think about the time, experience, effort, and just plain luck required to get this incredible footage.

Apple confirms its T2 security chip blocks some third-party repairs of new Macs

I get why Apple feels they need to do this but I think, without a better, fuller explanation of their reasoning behind doing it (something we are unlikely to see/hear), they are on the wrong side of this issue. If they’re not careful, they may find themselves in legal hot water because of it.

The 31 best dance scenes in movies

I hate dancing (I feel all uncoordinated and clumsy) but I love watching dancing. These 31 scenes from the movies are a blast to watch.

Riding the waves of Nazaré

I’ll be in Lisbon, Portugal teaching a beginner photography workshop in March and I’m really hoping to get out to Nazaré to see these incredible waves. The men who surf them are utterly insane.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire — are you buying one?

I’ve been following Harley’s development of the LiveWire since the prototype was first unvelied in 2014. It’s a fascinating project but maybe not for the reasons Harley wants it to be.

Iceland Foods’ banned TV Christmas ad

I don’t usually say this but don’t watch this video on Youtube. Watch it here first and notice when you spot what the issue is. The next question is, why was it banned?