The original dungeon masters

Many of us have a soft spot for Dungeons and Dragons, even if we don’t play it anymore and I always like reading stories about how it came to be. FYI, I was a 200lbs Dwarven Fighter-Thief with a drinking problem and a hatred of any humans over 6ft tall. Caused all kinds of problems. I still have my D&D dice.

What does Apple look like without the iPhone?

As some of we lonely voices in the wilderness keep trying to point out, Apple is a remarkably successful company even without huge iPhone sales numbers (and keep in mind, last quarter’s iPhone numbers, while lower than what Wall St wanted, are still on par with Apple’s most successful ones) and in particular when you keep in mind where Apple has come from. It really brings to the fore the fact that Apple Inc is completely different from AAPL.

A flop unlike any other

Leaving aside the “…if industry estimates are accurate…” (they’re not), the media in general and the tech media is particular always seem to need to see everything in absolute terms. The Apple Watch is most certainly not a flop – nothing that sells millions of copies at $500+ a pop can be called that.

First ever public performance of Purple Rain

This was Prince’s signature song. The video is fascinating especially if you watch the movie afterwards, as I did last night. You can definitely hear how the audio from this video is used in the movie. Speaking of the movie, as I said on Twitter last night, “I learned something disturbing tonight I didn’t know 30 years ago. “Purple Rain” has some classic tunes but it’s a crappy movie.” It really is poorly acted. But the musical performances more than make up for the deficiencies.

The 8 best hockey movies ever, in celebration of the Stanley Cup playoffs

All of Canada is in mourning because none of our NHL teams managed to make the playoffs this year. You can sooth the pain with some of these. The number one movie is obvious but I highly recommend the surprisingly sweet “Goon”, shot partially in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Watch a calligrapher turn shopping lists into art

Sadly, this kind of incredible penmanship is a dying art in the age of keyboards and iPhones (I literally can’t remember the last time I wrote more than a few words on a piece of paper) but it is fascinating to watch a master calligrapher create.

Apple confirms QuickTime for Windows at end of life

I don’t know what this means for Mac users (hopefully, nothing) but it’s sad to see the demise of what, for Apple, was supposed to be its next great platform. Myself and others were encouraged directly by Apple (but behind the scenes) to develop and use QuickTime. Apple sent me a QuickTime Streaming Server (back in the days when there was such a thing) in order for me to broadcast my show using QuickTime 4. But, over the ensuing years, it became obvious that Apple was losing interest in developing QuickTime much further. This issue is yet another sign of that.

The 30 best TV theme songs of all time

I’m sorry but I’d have to put the Spider-Man theme number one if only because it was the only song my brothers and I ever sang at the top of our lungs every time it played. Drove my mother nuts.

The battle over the Sea-Monkey fortune

How many of you had “sea monkies” when you were a kid? I remember seeing the ads in the back of almost every comic book I read but not believing for a second they looked as pictured. Sure enough, some kid in our neighborhood managed to convince his parents to let him buy the package and they were just as disappointing as I had imagined they would be.

Spirit of the West finally home for a rest at the Commodore

Spirit of the West was/is one of my favorite bands. I saw them often when I was in college here in Vancouver and they were very approachable, often sitting with us after gigs and chatting. The song, “The Crawl”, was seen as a challenge to us college boys. We wanted to hit all the pubs in the song in one evening. We tried many times but my friends didn’t have my Nova Scotia stamina for heavy drinking. And check out one of their most well known songs, “Home for a Rest”. Very sad to hear of their myriad of health issues and even sadder I won’t get to see them one last time.

Motor Trend’s fake Apple Car is extraordinarily dumb and dishonest

This was pretty obviously what was going to happen when Motor Trend started pimping this on Twitter yesterday. But many ClickWhores expectedly left their common sense at the door and happily “reported” the “Exclusive”. Sure enough, today’s “news” showed Motor Trend knows nothing about the mythical Apple Car. But many in the tech media won’t say that – they’ll just re-report uncritically because that’s so much easier than actually thinking.

Your iPhone’s 500,000-mile journey to your pocket

Few of us give much thought to the innards of our electronics but the supply chain process of getting all that stuff into your hands is remarkable. It’s also why we see so many rumors of individual components. The devices have become far too complex for Apple to keep a lid on everything.