“A Night for Sal”

I’ve known Sal for years and there is no better person in the Mac Community. I wish I could go to this event.

The Fraser Canyon when things go sideways

This video, even with its annoying as hell music, shows what truckers go through trying to drive in winter conditions. I don’t envy them. This road is the Trans-Canada Highway about 30 miles east of where I live. I love riding that road in the spring in summer (it’s one of the prettiest in British Columbia) but you couldn’t pay me enough to drive it in the winter.

The Amish horse-drawn buggy is more tech-forward than you think

As a Nova Scotianer, I’d never seen an Amish buggy until, while riding my motorcycle through Pennsylvania, I came through a curve and saw a large pile of “dirt” in the middle of my line. Rear tire hit the dirt and squirted out from under me. Freaked me out. I looked behind me and realized it wasn’t dirt but horse manure. As I got ready for the next curve, I thought, “Where the hell did that come from?” Looking through the curve ahead, I saw the buggy in the road and literally laughed out loud. I slowed and came up behind the buggy and saw two small children in the back, facing rearward. It was a “buggy station wagon”! The kids waved to me, I waved back and then passed the buggy, still laughing inside my helmet.

Honda “Riding Assist” self balancing motorcycle

As a motorcyclist, this is really interesting and I desperately want more information. This is not a production bike though. It’s very much just a proof of concept at this point. But, if it does come to market, it might help riders, especially beginners, deal with those low speed manoeuvres that can be so difficult.

Monday is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone launch

This video shows the announcement at the 2007 Macworld Expo. I was in the room and it was an amazing experience but, ten years ago, none of us could have predicted how the iPhone would literally change the world.

The 50 best iOS games of 2016

I’m not a big gamer but everyone should be able to find one or two games on this list they’d like to play.

Made in CNY

In honour of Chinese New Year, Apple has posted these absolutely gorgeous wallpapers for you to download.

Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass

Canada is celebrating its 150th Birthday in 2017 and this free pass is a great way to visit some of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

The Dog Factory: inside the sickening world of puppy mills

I hope there’s a special place in hell for people who abuse animals and another for those who willingly buy animals from such places. I’ve had several dogs and cats in my life (I got my latest one a few weeks ago, a 5-year-old cat named Wallace who is “The World’s Clumsiest Cat”) and every one of them has come from the local version of the SPCA. WARNING: The story includes some disturbing and heartbreaking images of abused animals.

In 2017, cars are at the frontier of technology

“Cars at the frontier of technology” is both a good thing and a bad thing. At least for those of us in North America, cars are still an important part of life and not just a way to get from point A to point B. But the increasing reliance on technology, to drive sales if nothing else, may be outstripping both a driver’s and our government’s ability to comprehend the direction we are heading.

The evolution of Disney animation

I love Disney movies but I bet most of you are like me and look fondly upon even the animation styles of the early films, crude as they seem to be by today’s standards.