Seldom-seen photos show what America looked like in the 1940s…in color

We’ve all seen these kinds of images in black and white but the color photos are just as interesting. What’s even more interesting to me is the comparisons to small towns I’ve ridden through in the US South. You still see these kinds of buildings and signage.

The iBrain is here

While other companies do their innovation in public, Apple has always been very good at making things behind the scenes and only releasing them when they are ready for the general public to use.

Apple and Google are teaming up to kill robocalls forever

When I lived in the States, I was appalled at the ridiculously huge number of robocalls I got on a regular basis. It’s getting just as bad here in Canada. I hope these companies can band together to find an effective solution to this problem.

Lyft is said to seek a buyer, without success

While Tim Cook has said the company is looking to make major acquisitions, on the face of it, buying Lyft doesn’t seem to make sense, given their investment in Didi Chuxing. More than likely, any talent or technology they would get from a Lyft purchase is already available to them through Didi.

Evan Dunfee loses bronze on Japanese appeal in 50km race walk

When I watched the race live, I was yelling at my TV, “He pushed him out of the way!” When I heard later Dunfee had been awarded the bronze, I cheered. Now that Dunfee has had his belatedly given Bronze taken away, I’m amazed. I honestly don’t think I would have reacted as magnanimously or with as much class as Dunfee has over this.

The Tekserve Collection auction

This is the last chapter for the iconic Manhattan store. I taught photography classes there and really enjoyed perusing their collection. I particularly enjoyed their collection of vintage camera equipment. There might be some cool stuff available for auction participants.

Ford’s road to full autonomy

This seems like a remarkably ambitious timetable for such a vehicle. Would you buy or ride in one of these in five years, assuming Ford can pull it off (which I don’t think they’ll be able to)?

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography deal – $25 off

Through Amazon, Adobe is offering $25 off the usual price of $120 when you pre-pay for a year. It’s applicable to both new and existing subscribers. Full disclosure: the link is attached to my Amazon Affiliate Code.

Every joke from ‘Airplane!’ ranked

If you’ve never seen “Airplane” (what is wrong with you!?), these may seem like stupid, silly jokes. If you have seen “Airplane”, you’ll likely laugh out loud at these stupid, silly jokes. But you also might be surprised at what the number one joke was.

Warren Buffett buys 5.41 million shares of $AAPL

To be more accurate, Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, made the purchase. It makes a difference because, while Buffet has been personally critical of technology stocks, Berkshire Hathaway has recently hired a couple of tech fund managers who are much more bullish on Apple. That’s likely what happened here.

Are rotisserie chickens a bargain?

This article was a lot more interesting than it had any right to be. I’ve never roasted a whole chicken, preferring to just cook the individual pieces I need (usually breasts or thighs, depending on the recipe) but, when I need a lot of chicken, I always grab a rotisserie bird from the supermarket if only for convenience and speed’s sake.