The Big Bang Theory’s long reign, explained


One of the biggest TV shows in recent history is about to end, after a long, hugely successful run. Viewers are sharply divided. Some have argued that the show is a massively enjoyable example of the power of the monoculture, complete with great character work and compelling storytelling.

But others believe its point of view is regressive and backward, playing off stereotypes and tropes that can be actively harmful if they aren’t handled with care — and which the show has often mishandled.

But look beyond its massive viewership and you’ll find a series that has won many Emmy Awards as well as several other honors. You’ll find a show that, at its height, was embraced enthusiastically by TV critics. You’ll find a show that made lots of people laugh and cry and maybe even feel better about life.

I enjoyed The Big Bang Theory immensely for what it was – a silly little comedy. While I’d never call it a “great” show, I looked forward to watching it each week and I’m sorry its run has come to an end.