Number of Apple Stores per active device

Apple Weekly:

In the last few years, Apple stopped opening new stores and focused on rebuilding or renovating existing spaces. Apple has about 400 or 500 million of customers more in 2019 that they did in 2014 when Angela Ahrendts took over Apple Retail.


By 2010, when the iPad launched and the iPhone took off, Apple had 280 stores, or 1.4 per million of devices in their installed base. Now that figure is close to 0.36, four times fewer.

Have we hit peak Apple Store? Have the Apple Stores learned to be more efficient, allowing a store to serve many more people?

It’d be interesting to see the data showing number of Apple Store “floor” employees per active device. I do find my local Apple Stores more crowded than in the past, but I also find the process to be more organized as well. That said, I do find the wait to get a genius appointment to be getting longer, though that’s anecdotal, not based on any rigorous analysis.