How (and why) Jony Ive built the mysterious rainbow Apple Stage

Yesterday, we posted the latest flyover of Apple Park, highlighted by a new rainbow stage. What’s the story behind that stage?

Cult of Mac has the answer:

The mysterious, rainbow-colored stage erected inside Apple Park bears all the hallmarks of the company’s meticulous design, according to an Apple document provided to Cult of Mac.

It’s the latest creation by Jony Ive’s team — and it’s just as thoughtfully and intricately designed as you might imagine.

The Cult of Mac article is worth reading. But short answer (and don’t let it stop you from reading the CoM piece, it’s got much more):

Apple and its collaborators are supposedly rushing to complete the brightly colored stage prior to a May 17 special event for employees at Apple Park. That event reportedly will do double duty. It will serve as a celebration of the formal opening of Apple Park, the sprawling headquarters of the world’s most powerful tech company. And it will pay tribute to Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder whose vision drove the design of the unique Cupertino campus with the spaceship-like circular building.

Wish I could be there. I can only imagine it will be quite an event.