Adobe’s $10 photography plan gone from site: cheapest is $20/month


If you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for Photoshop and Lightroom via the $10 per month Photography Plan, there may be some pain coming to your wallet. Many customers no longer see the $10/month plan on Adobe’s site — the cheapest plan is listed is $20/month.

Instead of $10/month for 20GB of storage being the most affordable plan, only the $20/month with 1TB cloud storage is being offered. If you only use the Photography Plan for the software and not the storage, a phasing out of the $10-per-month/20GB plan would effectively be a 100% price hike with no practical benefit for you.

This will definitely get me to unsubscribe from Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Interestingly enough, the Canadian Adobe Creative Cloud page still lists the $9.99/month US price point.