Apple now quoting next-day turnaround on MacBook keyboard repairs

This is just so much better than losing your Mac for a week or more, which felt like punishment to me for buying into the new keyboard design.

I’ve been living with an intermittent “r” key failure for a few months now. Instead of taking my Mac in, I’ve just been hammering on the “r” key until I dislodged (temporarily) that piece of micro-crumb.

The other day, my MacBook Pro charger failed and, when I brought my Mac in to see what was what, the Apple Genius asked me about my keyboard experience. I was in a hurry, wasn’t prepared to leave my machine at that moment, but the Genius did tell me that they could have my Mac back to me the next day.

As to my charger, turned out to be a faulty cable, replaced at no charge, in and out in about 15 minutes. Brilliant.