New York Times previews Apple shows that have finished filming or close to wrap

The list of projects is at the end of the article, which also includes these two nuggets:

People involved in the coming series also said that Apple executives had expressed squeamishness when it comes to the portrayal of technology in the shows — how exactly are you using that iPhone? Or that Mac laptop?


Executives at the company bristled when they discovered there would be scenes involving crucifixes in Mr. Shyamalan’s new thriller for the service, as The Wall Street Journal reported in September. But Apple ultimately allowed the crucifixes to remain, according to two people familiar with the series.

The list of shows detailed in the article:

  • Untitled Series With Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston
  • “Amazing Stories,” a Steven Spielberg Reboot
  • “Are You Sleeping?” a Mystery Starring Octavia Spencer
  • “For All Mankind,” a Ronald D. Moore Sci-Fi Series
  • “See,” With the “Aquaman” Star Jason Momoa
  • A New Shyamalan Thriller
  • “Little America,” From the Writers of “The Big Sick”
  • A Comedy From the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Duo
  • “Central Park,” a Cartoon Musical
  • “Home,” From the Documentary Filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer
  • “Dickinson,” an Emily Dickinson Comedy

Remember, this is a list of shows that are finished (or close to finished) filming. Still lots of work to do, but this is a substantive achievement.

Really looking forward to seeing this unfold.