There is a good variety of alternatives to Instagram


I have soured quite a bit on the current leaders in social media. When Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (owned by Facebook) aren’t making user-hostile decisions like algorithmic timelines and invasive tracking, they do everything possible to avoid their responsibility to curb hate speech in the name of Wall Street and profits.

I don’t want to support these platforms anymore, so I’m working on moving away from them. Fortunately, there are more positive places to hang out online that are built with more ethical foundations and respect for us regular folks. Some are even community-built and run, and they already have millions of users.

I’m less and less likely to post to Instagram, if only because of the ridiculous amount of advertising I see when I use the app. I’ve just recently re-upped my Pro membership on Flickr and will likely check out some of these other services Chartier mentions.