Why humans must band together to fight the tyranny of tech


It might seem like there’s no winning against Facebook and Google, tech companies whose reach and influence are now practically inescapable. Facebook’s inability to police its own platform led to widespread misinformation ahead of the 2016 election. Google still can’t keep YouTube safe for kids. Meanwhile we’re addicted to our phones and social networks, even if they make us miserable. So where do we go from here? Douglas Rushkoff, the renowned media theorist who’s popularized concepts like viral media, suggests one way: Banding together and fighting for our collective humanity.

“It might actually be our first line of defense against actual destruction,” Rushkoff said during his SXSW panel promoting his new book, Team Human. “It might actually ensure our collective survival.”

Really interesting article based on a SXSW interview with Douglas Rushkoff.