The world’s last Blockbuster has no plans to close. Here’s why it’s still open.

New York Times:

The second-to-last Blockbuster, a squat blue-and-yellow slab wedged next to a real estate agency in Western Australia, will stop renting videos on Thursday and shut down for good at the end of the month. Two stores in Alaska, part of the final group of Blockbuster outlets in the United States, closed in July.

That will make the Blockbuster in Bend, Ore., one of a kind: a corporate remnant, just off the highway, near a cannabis retailer and a pet cremation service.


The store has several years left on its lease and a license agreement that its owners sign annually with Dish Network, which bought Blockbuster for $320 million in 2011.

I hope it never closes. A throwback to another time, when Back to the Future was still in the future.

But also, what an investment decision by Dish. $320 million, at just the wrong moment in time. Wow!