How to buy the best SD card for your camera, phone, tablet

PC World:

You just want to buy an SD (secure digital) card or microSD card for your DSLR, dash cam, drone, smartphone, or tablet. But one size doesn’t fit all. If the confusing array of memory card logos and specs has you pounding your head against a wall, we understand. We’ll give you the quick answers for most common memory card uses. (Pro tip: Check your device’s manual for memory card recommendations.)

If your needs are very particular, we’ve also delved deep into SD card standards to help you understand the difference between Class 10, V30, UHS-I, A1, and U3, so you can make the right choice for any device or purpose.

It used to be easy – just buy an SD card. But nowadays, between various cameras, drones and other devices, along with the specs constantly being updated, you need to buy the right card for the right device.