Charter Spectrum launches Apple TV app. My dream is for an Apple TV DVR.

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Charter Spectrum’s long-promised app for the Apple TV launched today and can now be downloaded via the Apple TV App Store. The app is designed to give Spectrum TV users access to live channels and on demand titles right on the Apple TV.

The app works with the new Zero Sign-on feature, which means Charter Spectrum users will not need to sign in to use it when connected to accompanying Charter Spectrum internet services.

My dream here is for the Apple TV and tvOS to become a true, on demand, DVR front end for any and all cable/satellite services.

Specifically, I’d love to fire up my Apple TV and search across all available programming, pick shows to “record” to watch later, even if I was on the road.

Netflix comes close to this model, limited to Netflix content. I can download many shows/movies on device for later consumption, even if I have spotty internet service.

As is, Apple TV is a collection of services, with no DVR capability. Downloads are limited to what I rent. No download from services I’ve already paid for.