Ebro Darden on the Future of Apple Music

Ebro Darden has been known to New Yorkers for years as the self-proclaimed “King Troll” of hip-hop radio. Currently the host of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez & Rosenberg show, the 43-year-old has also expanded into other arenas in recent years. Most notably, Darden has been playing an increasingly large role with Apple Music since joining Beats 1 Radio as an anchor in 2015.

Now, he’s journeying further into the Apple universe with a new job as global editorial head of hip-hop and R&B for Apple Music. The new gig will find Darden, the company says, “manag[ing] a team of hip-hop and R&B editors as they build out editorial plans for artists, albums and song releases.”

This is a good interview, but one thing struck me in particular. Take his title “global editorial head of hip-hop and R&B for Apple Music,” and change hip-hop and R&B to any music genre. I would love to see Apple doing the things outlined in this interview for all music genres.

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