What is the Apple Watch good for?

A Reddit poster was considering buying an Apple Watch and posted this question. The response was very interesting, with useful tidbits to pass along when you get asked that question.

A few highlights, all from one comment (sort comments by “best” and this should rise to the top):

  • Apple Pay on my wrist, including quick access to store loyalty cards and the like. Super convenient.
  • At a glance access to current temp and rain chance percentage. I would miss this a lot if I returned to a normal watch.
  • Leaving my phone and wallet at home when going to the beach or a public pool and just using the lte watch.
  • I have my shopping list on my watch when I’m grocery shopping. I add items to the list on my phone or via Alexa on my Sonos one, but use the watch when I’m actually shopping so I’m not always taking my phone out to cross items off.

There are a lot more, not to mention the people who are now exercising regularly thanks to Apple Watch.