DriveSavers offers passcode lockout data recovery

DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in data recovery, eDiscovery and digital forensic solutions, today announced it is utilizing new proprietary technology to recover data from password-locked smart devices with any length passcode. The first-of-its-kind service is being offered exclusively to consumers who have forgotten device passwords, been locked out after too many incorrect attempts, and for those who need access to data stored on the device of a deceased family member.

Other companies offer a similar service only to law enforcement. DriveSavers is the first to offer a Passcode Lockout Data Recovery service to consumers. The DriveSavers service is not available for law enforcement and requires proof of ownership prior to unlocking a device.

According to its web site, they have a 100 percent success rate. DriveSavers is one of the most reputable companies I’ve ever dealt with, so this very interesting news.