An unzipping shortcut

This story was doubly-interesting to me.

On one level, this highlighted a core difference between macOS and iOS, one of those things that keeps the Mac in my workflow. The issue here is what you do when someone sends you a zip file containing some data you need for, say, a report you are working on. The zipped data might be a table, it might be some images, it might be a mix of all sorts of things.

On my Mac, when I get a zip file, it’s simple to deal with. Double-click, it’s unzipped, and each individual file is immediately tied to its default opening app.

But a zip file in iOS requires some outside help. It is definitely a second class citizen at best.


The second side of this story is about Shortcuts and, specifically a shortcut you can easily build (the author shows you how) or download to solve this problem. It also gives you the chance to customize that solution in any way you like.

Shortcuts definitely brings me closer to living full time in iOS. Great story.