iPhone XS vs $10K Canon C200 cinema camera

Interesting setup, comparison. A few comments:

When viewed the footage on a small iPhone scene they both looked fantastic. I was impressed to say the least but it all fell apart when viewing in fullscreen on my 27inch iMac. Too much sharpening meant the details just got lost and all the leaves with details just got smushed together. The C200 still looked great.

No surprise there. But:

The dynamic range however is super impressive. it’s able to keep the highlights on the bright sun while keeping details in the shadows. This is some crazy multiple exposure processing thats been done.


In conclusion the iPhone camera is a smartphone camera and always will be. It is incredibly small but to be honest give completely mind blowing results.


Is it as good as a cinema camera, not at all. Is it the best camera I have ever seen on a smartphone? 100%.

Good stuff. Watch the video. [Via 9to5Mac]