Why is Apple’s Airpower still a no-show?


It’s now been a full year since Apple announced it would release its first wireless charger to go along with the first iPhones that could be wirelessly charged.

But at an event that included the announcement of three new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch, that didn’t happen.

At the time of its 2017 announcement, Apple described the AirPower pad as capable of charging three devices at the same time: an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, an Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods via their charging case.

Since there are already wireless chargers available today capable of charging three devices at the same time, an obvious question is: Why is it taking Apple so long to come out with its own charger, especially since it will use the widely adopted Qi-charging specification?

I said on last week’s Your Mac Life show that, if Apple didn’t announce a release date for the Airpower, it would be the biggest embarrassment of this event. I stand by that. Shameful for Apple to not have even mentioned it even though, as John Gruber tweeted, the new iPhones would really benefit from it.