Apple unveils smart HDR and bokeh slider


The iPhone XS and XS MAX feature a newly designed dual-camera system with new sensors on the backside. There’s a 12MP wide-angle camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and a 6-element f/1.8 lens. The telephoto camera is a 12MP one with OIS and a 2x optical zoom with its 6-element f/2.4 lens.

One of the major focuses with this new generation is computational photography, or combining AI technologies to improve and enhance photo quality and capabilities.

The new A12 bionic processor in the iPhone does image signal processing every time you snap a photo, and the iPhone combines those functions of the processor with the neural engine for a whopping 1 trillion operations per photo. This opens to door to new features.

The bokeh slider is an interesting effect but I wish they had used a better example than in the demo.