I wish the App Store had a delete button on the Update tab

I really enjoy the new App Store, especially the Today tab, where I can read more in-depth stories about developers, apps, and even collections of apps that I may find interesting. I spend more time on the new App Store than I ever did before. However, I still have a bit of a problem—Updates.

The Updates tab works exactly as expected—an app is updated, and you can download it directly to your phone. Great. However, many of the updates that come through are for apps that I haven’t used in a while and would love just to delete them. I wish there were a button right there, along with Update, that allowed me to remove the app.

I realize that I could just go find the app and delete it manually, but when I’m staring at a list of updates, pressing “Update All” seems like the most natural thing to do. I always tell myself that I’ll go through the pages of apps and delete the ones I don’t want anymore—I never do.

Having a delete button would be an effortless way for users to keep their devices clean and up-to-date without having to spend the time going through pages of apps.

I would love to say that I’m going to finish writing this and then go clean up my iPhone, but I just hit Update All. Next time.