Apple releases GarageBand 10.3

Apple on Thursday released a significant update for GarageBand, adding free Artist Lessons, new drummers and new loops.

Apple’s Artist Lessons previously cost $4.99 for users to watch professionals from bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Rush, John Legend, Fall Out Boy teach their most popular songs. The lessons were available in 20 countries. As of today, all of those lessons are completely free and are available in 150 countries.

GarageBand also included to new drummers that play Roots and Jazz-influenced brush styles. Drummers are a great way to start a new project and lay out a groove for your song. I use the built-in drummers all the time whenever I’m writing a song.

In addition, Apple has added 1,000 new electronic and urban loops covering Reggaeton, Future Bass, and Chill Rap, as well as 400 animal, machine, and voice sound effects.

The update is free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.