Apple’s official macOS Mojave preview page vs the iOS 12 preview page

Yesterday we shared Apple’s gorgeous new iOS 12 preview page.

Today we’re posting a few Mojave specific posts, so seems right to start off with Apple’s official Mojave preview page.

I wonder if the two pages were built by two different teams. As you scroll through both pages, do you notice a difference between them? Here’s why I ask.

To me, the main difference is animation. As you make your way through the iOS 12 preview page, the images all come alive (they are short videos). Though there is some animation on the Mojave page, it’s doesn’t have the same liveliness. To see this for yourself, scroll down to the FaceTime section of each page.

Another difference? The iOS 12 images are all on a white background, the Mojave images are on a dark background (no doubt to showcase dark mode).

No complaints here. Both are graphically stunning. But I do think the iOS 12 page is more effective, does a better job of drawing you in. Just my 2 cents.