Apple rolls out new version of Workflow. Federico digs in to what’s new.

Federico Viticci, MacStories:

In the first update since November 2017, Apple today released version 1.7.8 of Workflow, the powerful iOS automation app they acquired last year. The latest version, which is now available on the App Store, introduces a brand new Mask Image action, adds support for Things’ automation features, and improves the ability to extract text from PDFs using the company’s PDFKit framework, launched in iOS 11. While the unassuming version number may suggest a relatively minor update, Workflow 1.7.8 actually comes with a variety of noteworthy changes for heavy users of the app.

If you’ve never played with Workflow, take a few minutes and download it (it’s free).

And if you use Workflow, read Federico’s excellent walkthrough of what’s new.