Why Apple’s HomePod targets home entertainment, not a voice-first mobile-free world


When Apple released HomePod, it appeared to be more directly competing with Amazon and Google, both of which were already selling so-called “smart-speakers” designed to rival Apple in its dominance of music subscriptions; both firms had partnered with Spotify and other streaming services, and have their own content subscriptions they want to sell, too. A primary difference is that Apple is selling premium hardware, not just seeking to distribute WiFi microphones to build a new platform to speculatively sell new services in the future.

Apple’s strategy has always revolved around creating computing products people would want to buy, not simply throwing out a loss leader device with the hope to someday monetize it with content sales, services or surveillance ads.

Good article pointing out the bottom line – Apple’s plans for the HomePod go far beyond the idea of just being a “smart assistant”.