The Boston Dynamics robot can now open doors. Great.


Boston Dynamics “spot-mini” is a dog-like robot that can open doors for its pals.

I saw this video yesterday. This is just a horror movie waiting to be filmed. So creepy.

  • Just put a blade on these and they’re ready to go Jurassic Park.

  • Dana Pellerin

    This would be far less scary if the robots didn’t look like demon dogs with giant claws for heads. I think they could use some PR people on staff.

  • Mo

    One way or another, the horror is more disappearing jobs.

    Oh, plus more efficient ways to kill people on a battlefield.

    • You have legitimate concerns, but the first thing that popped into my head after reading this was “Those poor doormen everywhere, no longer opening the doors for robots!” 🙂

      • Mo

        Jarvis would like to have a word with you. After you’ve packed up your desk.

    • DanielSw

      It’s not disappearing jobs as much as it’s evolving new jobs. This underscores the ever growing need for skilled people to fill the new jobs which will open up because of robotics. It also underscores the growning need for far more relevant educational systems which produce skilled, employable people who can perform the required tasks.

      • Mo

        If only those new educational services would be made available to those who’ll need them the most. They won’t. “Evolving” is too a polite a way to describe what will actually occur to those not deemed “employable” or “relevant.”

      • yeah sorry but it’s unrealistic to believe blue collar factory people who get replaced by robots are going to become software developers. class structure doesn’t work that way.

  • Chris Hedlund

    How does the robot know if you have to pull or push the door open?

    • Mo

      Hinge detection?

    • Probably the same way I do: Try one way for an embarrassingly long amount of time, then try the other way while looking sheepish.

      • I lived in Norway for a year and spent a lot of time doing this. For some reason, the visual cues on doors seemed completely different than at home. Plus I couldn’t read Norwegian at first. But I learned that “skyv” is pronounced (and means) “shove.”

  • Peter Hewson

    Black Mirror has documented the inevitable outcome of this in season 4, episode 5.

    • Mo

      I had exactly the same reaction.

  • sl149q

    My dogs want me to buy them one of these to open doors for them. Also to get food from the pantry on their schedule not mine.

    • Pam


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  • John Kordyback

    Cats would love it….

  • It took a while, but Astro’s getting a laugh (probably not the last laugh, though).

    • Mo