How to use Shazam with Siri on HomePod

If there’s music playing and there’s a HomePod in the room, chances are that music is coming from HomePod. But there may be times when you’ve got some background music coming from another source (your TV, say) and you want to identify the tune.

I am used to asking Siri on my iPhone to identify background music. Typically, I’ll fire up Siri and say:

What song is this?

But trying to get HomePod Siri to identify a song playing in the background proved tricky. I tried everything I could think of. No dice.

Fortunately, 9to5Mac’s Benjamin Mayo figured this out. To ask HomePod’s version of Siri to identify a background song, say:

Hey Siri, Shazam this.

Works every time. Weird to me that none of the more standard ways work. I hope we don’t end up with a Siri dialect problem, where users have to remember which command works on which version of Siri.

  • Tom_P

    “But trying to get HomePod Siri to identify a song playing in the background proved tricky. I tried everything I could think of. No dice.”

    I’m surprised, Dave. Looks at this unbox video from iJustine. She asks for a song name quite easily At 7:56

    • Dave Mark

      I don’t believe she does quite the same thing. Try it yourself. I used her exact wording, and even variants, and no dice. My guess is, she played the song on HomePod and asked the question. As you watch the video, the song is not playing (at least not loudly) on her iPhone when she asks the question.

      Happy to be wrong here, just can’t get it to work any other way.

      — Dave

  • rick gregory

    The dialect problem would be a big negative. Right now, voice assistants are too much like a vocal command line and that would just make things worse. Almost more than making Siri better, I hope they unify Siri across devices so I can ask her to do something without worrying about whether a given device can do that. So, for example, “Hey Siri, what’s on my Calendar” to a HomePod should work, but she might say “I have that information on your iPhone for you” or something.

  • Meaux

    Siri requiring different logic on different devices is worse than Siri linking to apps differently on different form factors. At the bare minimum the syntax should be as identical as possible no matter where you are.

    • Pam


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