Venice’s famous canals run dry, gondolas stranded

This is pretty shocking. Just scroll through the images. Venice is a city that depends on its canals, both for tourism and transportation.

[H/T Eric Vitiello]

  • GS

    I don’t see the “filth” and “erosion” part the writer(s) describe, whoever they are, as nobody took credit for it. Muddy sure. There are some waterways you really don’t want to see what is under there.

    • James Hughes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ”

      I thought the same thing. I thought the canals to be remarkably clean actually.

  • I wouldn’t say the canals look filthy, but they could definitely stand a good dredging.

  • John Brave

    This is causing me some cognitive dissonance.

    It’s been hammered in my head that global warming is melting the ice caps and causing rising sea levels. I’m told that many coastal cities are at risk of being submerged in sea water in the next 50 years.

    How do I reconcile that information with this? How can Venice report the lowest levels in the last three years when the sea levels are rising?

    • GlennC777

      Well, it seems to me you have a couple options.

      1) You could simply conclude that all the experts who have dedicated their professional lives to studying the earth’s climate must be wrong, because one particular data point superficially does not appear to agree with your understanding of their work; or

      2) You could actively look for information to illuminate the apparent contradiction.

      In support of #2, from the article itself: “However, alongside low tides, the city has been experiencing cold winter weather, lack of rain and low tides due to the “super blue blood moon” all of which contribute to its dried-up canals.”

      My guess? So far we might have had a couple or few cm of sea level rise (not having bothered to look it up). Relatively insignificant at this point in comparison to tidal effects, localized variations in rainfall, and localized variations in weather.

      • Ethel


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    • Mo

      Increasing instability is indeed global. Not all of its symptoms will be immediately congruent.

      • The Cappy

        LOL. And not every damned thing that happens is caused by global warming.