Have a look at 157 new emoji, coming this year, and a Super Villain issue

Enjoy the run through of the new emoji.

One thing that I did find puzzling: About 30 seconds in, you’ll see emoji for Super Villains and Super Heroes. The difference? Super Villains wear pink and purple. Super Heroes wear red and blue.

Not crazy about this path. Associating specific colors with good and evil is, to me, the first step down a bad road. Maybe make the Super Villains distinctive in some other way?

To be clear, these were mockups crafted by Emojipedia, not from Apple, so hopefully the final Apple versions will follow a different path.

  • Pink = Female, Purple = LGBT community, obviously in today’s world, those are the villains.

    • I think this is an attempt at reverse engineering a broader outrage than is warranted.

      The pink and purple are not flamboyant shades that stereotypically communicate gender or gender preferences. They are darker tones meant to express “bad guy” versus the brighter “good guy” superhero emoji.

      The real problem with the sample emojis is that there is too little differentiation, especially when you consider there are superheroes who use darker shades, like Batman.

      • Don’t disagree with you. Honestly, I can’t understand why most emoji get approved to be included, I mean, how many people actually use 🎍, 👾, or 🕴🏼 in their conversation that they’re needed.

        • spazsquatch

          Hot Face – Cold Face – Hot Face – Cold Face – Hot Face is going to be my new go to for “Sauna Time”.

        • I often tag 👾 when discussing videogames. 🎍is a Japanese kadomatsu, I expect millions of people use it every New Year. The levitating dude is from the Softbank emoji, IIRC.

  • In sample emojis the only real distinction (aside from the aforementioned colors) between hero & villain is unruly hair.

    • Also, the official emoji specifications do not say how superheroes and supervillains are to be drawn. Different emoji sets will find their own way to handle that.

  • Mo

    Tempest, meet teapot.

  • evanrose

    “Smiling with 3 hearts”. How many rounds of edits did this video go through?

    • Katie


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  • brucej

    “Smiling with three hearts” has four hearts on it.

    “white haired” Drow Elves finally get their due!