“Three Minutes”


“Three Minutes” is a short film by Peter Chan.

If your family reunion only lasts three minutes, what will you do? A unique Chinese New Year story shot on iPhone X by director Peter Chan.

The annual Chinese New Year migration is the largest in the world. This story of just one small piece of it is lovely and poignant.

  • James Hughes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ”


  • arcsine

    Ugh. horrific. Is this what Apple has in mind for our futures? That woman is trapped. That child is traumatized. And Apple blithely aligns itself to this?

    • Kimberley


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    • Costa K

      Well, that’s one wat to look at it.

      Or, to see that this is reality for many people across the world and that every minute is worth capturing.

      It is heartbreaking. I wish they had more time. Don’t we all?

      So what will you do with the little time you have?

    • Mo

      How are you making Apple complicit in the society that these characters live within? Our increasingly feudal system is doing more and worse things to American families every day.

      • arcsine

        Am I making Apple ‘complicit’? Apple Singapore, the filmmaker, and this site were aligning this vision with Apple before I reacted. I do ask if this is in sync with Apple’s vision of our future. And I do say that in my view, this film depicts a harsh & ugly situation that we should recognize as a problem. Perhaps the filmmaker is criticizing some aspect of our entwined societies by subtly juxtaposing the use of the iPhone X with some social problems. Maybe Apple Singapore recognizes artistic criticism & chooses not to censor it. I don’t say other folks’ views are wrong… I just have a different view and expressed it.

        • Mo

          It’s a dramatic depiction of people who have difficult lives. Is Apple “in sync” with every single different culture they showcase in this manner?

          • arcsine

            This film is more than a depiction of people with difficult lives (🤨) it is a critical depiction of the deficiencies of the system that separates factory workers from their children and families for the majority of the year. A system where they are only able to briefly reunite during a New Years celebration, whether 3 mins or 3 days… All the multinational corps that use these manufacturing facilities are complicit. As are all the people who consume the products that are produced… This is why we can do better than to say ‘Oh, that was sad’ … We can say ‘Something is very wrong here. We must find a way to a better tomorrow, somehow.’

          • Mo

            “… it is a critical depiction of the deficiencies of the system…”

            No, arcsine. I’m not saying the system you’re describing is fair or equitable.

            But unless you have a quote from the filmmaker that I haven’t seen, where he describes his intentions for this piece, that’s merely you projecting your needs and beliefs upon a short film.

          • arcsine

            Maybe you need much less subtle criticism to get over projecting your own needs and beliefs.

            I don’t. I just made my call on it. You’re not on board. Fine.

  • Mo