The Grammy’s viewership decline and the future

Om Malik:

Why sit through the whole show, when you know the best bits are going to be online soon, to be viewed later. Bruno Mars and Cardi B performance from Grammys has 5.2 million views on YouTube. The performances of Logic, Keesha, Lady Gaga and Sam Smith garnered a whopping 4 million views; the numbers are staggering compared to the “linear television” viewership.

Viewership for the Grammy’s was way down this year and I think Om is right on the reason why.

  • franksspam

    First, Keesha? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he spelled Kesha wrong, considering how many grammatical errors there are in his piece. I think part of the problem that the Grammy’s has is that it has shifted a bit too far toward the live collaborative performances as opposed to giving out actual awards. I wonder if they saw how much buzz there was about some of the collaborations they’ve had in the past and decided that the reason for the buzz was the collaboration and not that they were great collaborations. Now they are to the point where they think all they need to do is make people perform together and it will be a hit. So many of their collaborations seemed pointless this year. For example, why did we need Mark Ronson playing guitar next to Lady Gaga? That was extremely pointless. There are plenty of other examples throughout the show.

  • rick gregory

    I think there’s a couple of other reasons too:

    First, the people who watch live tv are increasingly not the audience for the music being awarded. The Grammys and really all music award shows are about current artists and as people age, they lose touch with and care less about that. In the past, this was offset by new viewers coming out of their teens and into their twenties who replaced the older viewers that stopped watching which made sense – the music up for awards was what they were listening to. Now, though, those younger viewers simply aren’t as involved with live TV as past generations.

    Second, the Grammys in particular aren’t really relevant and tend to clump awards up on a popular artist. I mean, Bruno Mars took, what, 6 of the damn things? Look, the guys a helluva performer but… really? If you’re a rap fan, that show was a huge slap. At some point, if you know your favorite artists are going to get ignored… why watch?

    • JimCracky

      Said it way better than I did.

  • JimCracky

    The Grammy Awards have never really been relevant to the music industry.

    The vast majority of the audience has traditionally not been the target of the music being presented.

    Want an obsolete term? Album of the year.