Amazon raises the price for Prime

The price of the monthly Prime membership for new members increased from $10.99 to $12.99 on January 19, 2018.

I know a lot of people that have Prime and seem to love the benefits.

  • Mo

    We have Prime, and very much like some of the video offerings.

    But I’m still tasting boiled frog for some reason.

    • Janak Parekh

      This is exactly my feeling. Amazon probably knows most of us are going to grin and bear it, and they can continue to slowly increase the price. :/

      BTW: I note it says “new members”… sounds like we’re grandfathered until the end of our Prime year before we get hit. Which makes the boiling slower 🙂

      • Mo

        Deferred pain.

      • According to the link, it seems that the annual subscription hasn’t changed at all. If you are an existing monthly subscriber, it goes up after Feb 18.

  • For those of us who live live in rural places far from malls and easy shopping, Prime shipping has been an incredible thing. We’ve had since Amazon first offered it and the price has risen a few times before. To me, it’s worth it at twice the price and Amazon keeps adding new services into the mix to make it even better.

    • Merlyn


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    • GS

      Malls? There are still malls? 😉

      • Indeed, if only to house Apple Stores.

    • Lynn


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