Matias is building the wired Mac keyboards that Apple won’t

The Verge:

Apple discontinued its wired Mac keyboard back in June when it introduced a new version of its wireless Magic Keyboard with a number pad, but a company called Matias is trying to keep the wired version alive with its own replica versions. And this year at CES 2018, the company is looking to one-up Apple’s now discontinued version with a new model that features RGB backlighting.

I’ve always been a fan of Matias keyboards.

  • Brad Fortin

    Can’t you turn Apple’s Magic Keyboard into a wired keyboard by just keeping it plugged in all the time?

    • Mo

      I’d imagine that might do undesirable things to the keyboard’s battery.

      • Sigivald

        Not if they have a decent battery controller …

        • Mo

          My history with MacBooks that were plugged in all the time is populated with swollen batteries. Fortunately, those were all customer-removable.

          • Sigivald

            Yeah, but did those generations of MB suffer from battery swell in general anyway?

            (I mean, I got my Watch replaced for free for a battery swell issue – and what with nightstand mode it’s intended to be left on a charger half the time!

            My suspicion is that it’s more “battery construction failure” than anything else; Apple can’t not understand how to build a battery controller these days.)

          • Mo

            I don’t recall ever hearing much about battery swell before it happened to us. It occurred with both original-Apple-issue and with third-party replacements. One even prevented the trackpad button from depressing.

            And yes, I’d like to think it’s a problem they’ve solved by now. But it also means I’ll never feel entirely comfortable using a laptop that’s plugged in all the time.

    • jimothyGator

      That’s what I do with my Magic Trackpad 2. I do this because I use a USB switch to share the keyboard between two computers (a MBP and an 2009 iMac; I use the iMac as a monitor for the MBP).

      I don’t own the Magic Keyboard, so I cannot try it, but I have a feeling it would work.

  • Mo

    Decent price, considering. I’m a Matias fan as well.

  • chiefted

    Well I am typing this on my Matias Quiet Pro at work and at home sits my Tactile Pro. Yes, I am a sucker for mechanical keyboards, that’s what I learned on so they feel natural. However, I have the Matias wireless version and I am considering purchasing this as well. My opinon is Matias makes very good keyboards and have never been disappointed.

    Yes I also am some what of a keyboard collector too.

  • Glaurung-Quena

    I have sworn off Matias keyboards after four (!) quiet pros in a row developed dead keys on me after just a few months of use.

    Which is a pity because they provide keyboard features that are really hard to find anywhere else.

  • JimCracky

    Twice the price

    • Mo

      The backlit version is $99. The non-backlit one is $59.

  • Sigivald

    Now, can they build a Magic Mouse 2 with a charge jack on the END where it belongs?

  • hello_kos

    Does Apple have to build keyboards with wires?

    • Mo

      Some folks still prefer to avoid the need to recharge every little peripheral.

      • hello_kos

        And isn’t it great there are companies that cater for these.

        • Mo

          You mean, people who don’t enjoy having their work or play interrupted by low-battery warnings? Yeah, it is great.

          • Costa K

            But people are aware of that when they buy the product. If people don’t like it, they wouldn’t buy it. Or they buy it knowing they’ll also buy a wired keyboard.

            Again, isn’t it great there are companies that cater for them.

          • Mo

            Not if you’re suggesting it’s good that Apple’s leaving them behind because your use-case is different.