Google announces plan to improve URLs for AMP pages, but even if it happens, which remains uncertain, AMP will still suck

Gruber on AMP.

  1. Terrific explainer, gets right to the core of the problem (AMP versions of published content end up on Google’s servers, under Google control, and not on publishers’ own servers).

  2. What a headline. I had to trim it for our Twitter plugin.

  • I despise the very concept of AMP. Of course the howling PAIN IN THE ASS developing responsive websites is partly to blame. All the more difficult with large-database driven dynamic sites – like just about any decent newspaper on earth.

    “Why would anyone want to strip out their own analytics, homegrown features like interactive maps or photo galleries and create pages that won’t even be shown with their own URL or branding? To get in Google’s top stories carousel of course. All the cool publications are doing it.” – Scott Gilbertson, The Register.

    Kill Google AMP before it kills the web