Apple Watch to be able to control Whirlpool appliances this year


Whirlpool has said Apple Watch wearers will soon be able to remotely control their home appliances.

It would mean smart watch owners could change temperature settings on ovens, delay cycles on washers or check how long is left to run on a dryer.

When I first saw this, I compared it to the ability to use my Apple Watch to quickly bring up my profile/setup on a piece of gym equipment. This takes advantage of the security/identity features of the Apple Watch.

But thinking a bit more, I can see the value in using my Apple Watch to control an appliance. With an oven, you could tap a recipe, have the oven preheat to the right temperature without having to look it up. And checking the time remaining on a washer/dryer cycle, also useful.

Things like this make me realize just how much the Apple Watch is still in its infancy.