Apple Watch to be able to control Whirlpool appliances this year


Whirlpool has said Apple Watch wearers will soon be able to remotely control their home appliances.

It would mean smart watch owners could change temperature settings on ovens, delay cycles on washers or check how long is left to run on a dryer.

When I first saw this, I compared it to the ability to use my Apple Watch to quickly bring up my profile/setup on a piece of gym equipment. This takes advantage of the security/identity features of the Apple Watch.

But thinking a bit more, I can see the value in using my Apple Watch to control an appliance. With an oven, you could tap a recipe, have the oven preheat to the right temperature without having to look it up. And checking the time remaining on a washer/dryer cycle, also useful.

Things like this make me realize just how much the Apple Watch is still in its infancy.

  • Meaux

    Connected appliances are, for the most part, a waste. Reliability has been going down for years and additional complexity simply as more points of failure. Also, with an oven, you pick one temperature that you don’t need to change. You need to read the recipe to do every other part of the recipe, so what temperature you need to preheat to is part of the process. The washer dryer time is interesting, particularly in shared spaces like laundromats, apartment buildings and dorms. I am a big fan of Smart Home stuff, but just don’t think home automation is appropriate in major appliances yet.

    • Connected appliances are, for the most part, a waste.

      I generally agree, but I wouldn’t go that far. This category’s ripe for certain smart features, IMHO.

      For example, I use Watch to set a timer to tell me when a wash/dry cycle’s finished, but if our Whirpool Duets were smart that would save a step.

      Another feature might be a malfunction or water discharge warning.

  • DanielSw

    Sounds like a good idea—especially from a company like Whirlpool.

    We bought a Whirlpool diswasher last year and love it. It’s whisper quiet and does a great job of getting our dishes clean and sparkling.

    We experienced a minor glitch, though, a couple weeks ago. One of the rollers on the top basket broke off. We called Whirlpool to get it fixed, and they promptly sent out a repair person. When he arrived, he informed me that there was an update to the rollers involving a complete replacement of the hardware on both sides of the basket. The new rollers are supported by stainless steel brackets instead of plastic ones. Much more sturdy and viable. The repair was under warranty and there was no charge.

    The technician also informed me that most of the manufacturing is done in the US at various plants. Whirlpool is also the OEM for six brands (in order of relative cost): Jenn-air, Kitchaid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, and Roper.

    To me, Whirlpool getting into home automation early is a good sign.

  • CapnVan

    Can it track the disappearing socks?

  • Notifications and status are more important than control. Of course, all three would be even better. But only if you could guarantee security.

    Notifications and status are a lot less dangerous in someone else’s hands.

  • Mo

    Another solution in search of a genuine problem.