No tracking, no revenue: Apple’s privacy feature costs ad companies millions

The Guardian:

Internet advertising firms are losing hundreds of millions of dollars following the introduction of a new privacy feature from Apple that prevents users from being tracked around the web.

Advertising technology firm Criteo, one of the largest in the industry, says that the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature for Safari, which holds 15% of the global browser market, is likely to cut its 2018 revenue by more than a fifth compared to projections made before ITP was announced.

Anyone shedding a tear for advertising companies, who for years ignored users’ requests for less intrusive advertising, suddenly crying poverty over Apple’s efforts to offer that protection to their users?


  • JimCracky


  • Mo

    If only The Guardian had written this story about the ethics of tracking itself.

    • art hackett

      Was it an advertorial? Looks like the Guardian is another lost cause if that’s their slant on “news”. Does this mean it’s also under the influence of Murdoch?

      • Mo

        It didn’t look advertorial. And it could just mean they’re noodleheads where business and technology are concerned.

  • Finally! Some good news.

    And it guess that means it’s actually working! I was a bit worried advertisers would just get around it somehow.

    Thank you Apple!

    • Jean


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  • Sigivald


  • Exactly! This are good news!

  • The Cappy

    My own reaction when I first read that article was “Holy shit! They make that much money??”

  • GS

    What if a companies agents personally followed you everywhere you went; on your walks, in your car, public transportation. They tried to look over your shoulder when paying to see what type card you used. They followed you to daycare, counted your children..etc. They then sold that info to various companies. I don’t see the difference.

  • A few years ago I purchased a pair of outdoor speakers for my PA system online. Then for DAYS I was pursued around the web with ads for PA Speakers. It was intrusive and creepy as F**K. Don’t get me STARTED on frakkin’ Facebook….

    It was also DUMB. I would have been less annoyed if I got ads for Speaker Stands, Wire, Microphones, Amps… you know, related products. I ALREADY BOUGHT the gorram speakers. Artificial Stupids, hard at work.