Using drag and drop to reorder the icons on your iOS share sheet

Not sure how long this has been the case (likely since the very beginning of share sheets), but this feature is definitely new to me, thought it worth sharing.

  • Bring up an iOS app, then bring up a share sheet. In the Safari app, bring up a web page, then tap the share icon (square with up arrow) to bring up the Safari share sheet.
  • Press and hold an icon until it grows slightly, then slide to the left or right to move it to a new location.

This technique works with both the app shelf and the tool shelf.

To see this in action, watch the video in the tweet below:

Good stuff.

  • iOS has a certain language to its UI. Stuff like this works.

    I’m happy if people discover this for the first time, but it’s high past time to start naming and shaming apps (and system components) that DON’T adhere to the language. Things need to be more unified and less confusing.

    • llahnoraa

      Will you please explain or give example of what you mean by that? Thanks!

      • Sure. Tinted graphics or words are actions. Actions in a line should be rearrangeable (though you don’t need to know this, as the Edit button still works). You shouldn’t have coloured text that isn’t tappable (or enclosed in a view that’s tappable).

        There are exceptions, though, even within the built-in rules. Table rows are often not tinted.’s Favourites, for instance, only show tint on the info button but the whole row is tappable. Tab bars (like the bottom of the same usually only get the active tab tinted.

        There’s definitely more to clean up in the design rules, but (for instance) an app shouldn’t have a big red OK button that doesn’t do anything.

  • Costa K

    I find that the icons in the share sheet move around all the time regardless of how I’ve arranged them.

    Please fix Apple.

    • llahnoraa

      I don’t think it’s Apple. I mean, Safari probably have their own share sheet while some other apps have their different “pre-arranged” icons. I had to manually re-arrange for most of the apps I’ve used so it’s all good now.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me if this has been lost in updates (either OS or application) in the past, or will be lost again in the future.

  • llahnoraa

    This is old news. I’m happy you found out. Not only you can re-arrange the color icons but the mono-icons as well (below the color icons)