Apple’s design mojo

Fortune has an interesting article asking if Apple has lost its design mojo. There is no doubt some things haven’t worked as well as others, but I don’t agree with everything in story. Instead of picking out a few key paragraphs, you go should go read the entire article to get it all in context.

  • Cranky Observer

    In my experience 90% of people who go to design school (architecture, interior design, industrial design) study and fall in love with Bauhaus, then try to implement it in everything they do for 10-15 years. Problem is Bauhaus design is colossally bad for actual human beings, but the designers who fall most deeply in love with it refuse to even entertain the gentlest criticism of the idiom. Result: designs that win lots of awards from other designers and get progressively harder to use in the real world.

    • rick gregory

      Yeah because Ive etc are nothing but new kids fresh out of school.

    • John Kordyback

      I travel in very different circles than you.

    • Modernism, Bauhaus tried to exclude clutter and sees necessity as the main attribute for creativity. Both premisses remain within the best practice for industrial design.

      I am not a designer, but that is what I perceive, and Apple does go for it.

      • Cranky Observer

        Those darn human beings – persisting in cluttering up their environments after brilliant designers tell them again and again not to.

        • you’re confused. Apple gear is the most coveted, lasts the longest, has lowest TCO, and resells at the highest value. It seems regular people like their design ethos very much.

          troll on dude.

          • Cranky Observer

            I’ve been using an iPhone since the 4s – which was an incredible example of design and integration – an in general they’ve been pretty good (although not without flaws and weaknesses either). The recent iOS versions and iCloud integrations have been growing increasingly more confusing and less integrated and I hear complaints about that from long-term iPhone users and especially non-techies. Believe what you want but IMHO Apple has a major risk in this, and if Ive is part of the risk it will be a difficult situation.

  • JimCracky

    Fortune is not a design magazine. It’s capitalist propaganda.

  • Meaux

    “The first iPod is released, but it’s not really ready for primetime, since the scroll wheel is clunky and the device works only with Macs, which account for just 2.6% of worldwide PC sales.”

    An article claiming that the scroll wheel was a design fail (or criticized as being clunky) demonstrates that the article is nothing more than an exercise in burning straw men. The scroll wheel was a massive improvement over existing I/O options. The Mac only thing was a huge limitation and had it remained, the iPod would have been a huge commercial failure.

    • Tom_P

      “The Mac only thing” is not a ‘design’ flaw but business decision.