Amazon, Birkenstock battle heats up

A German court has ordered Amazon not to lure internet shoppers to its online marketplace when they mistakenly search for “Brikenstock”, “Birkenstok”, “Bierkenstock” and other variations in Google.

I didn’t think the court could do this, but I guess I was wrong. They are basically telling Amazon that they can’t buy Google Adwords for those misspelled terms.

The actual reason Birkenstock is asking for this makes sense:

Birkenstock sought the injunction because it feared unsuspecting shoppers might buy low-quality counterfeits through Amazon that would erode its reputation.

Amazon said it works to detect fraudulent products from being sold. I’m not sure that’s true either—you can buy that kind of stuff all the time on Amazon.

  • JimCracky

    Anything that stops the momentum of Google and Amazon to destroy the world economy is alright with me.

  • Google AdWords is just going to match those misspelt words anyway. The days of needing to list every possible mismatch spelling in AdWords died about 5 years ago. Campaigns actually get penalised now for listing all those alternate spellings.

  • Helper Monkey

    Sure, they’re working towards it. Just really, really, really, really, really, really slowly.