Tim Cook: Salary details, and forced by new Apple policy to only fly on private planes

Two nuggets from this Bloomberg article:

Cook’s incentive pay totaled $9.33 million for the year ended Sept. 30, the Cupertino, California-based company said Wednesday in a regulatory filing. He also took home $3.06 million in salary and a previously disclosed equity award of $89.2 million, bringing his total payout for the year to about $102 million.

His top five lieutenants each got bonuses of $3.11 million, bringing their total compensation to about $24.2 million each, including salaries and stock awards.


The Apple board stipulated this year that for security reasons the CEO should use private planes for business and personal travel, citing the risk given his high profile. Personal security costs were calculated at $224,216.

My two cents: Tim Cook is a bargain. Apple is an aircraft carrier of a company, both massive and incredibly complex. Tim is overseeing exponential growth while keeping Apple on track, dealing reasonably well with the problems that arise, all while remaining the very public face of a very public company.

As to the private planes, no issue there, makes sense. I just found it interesting that Apple made it policy, mandating that Tim fly private.