Apple’s FileVault encryption

FileVault is Apple’s implementation of encrypting your data on macOS and Mac hardware. It will encrypt all of your data on your startup disk (although you can also encrypt your Time Machine backups as well) and once enabled, it will encrypt your data on the fly and will work seamlessly in the background.

FileVault has come a long way since I used it, but I haven’t enabled it in years.

  • JDB2

    Why don’t you enable FileVault? It seems like a no-brainer to protect your data should your Mac be lost or stolen. Do you have substitute encryption?

    • ckoerner

      I’m going to add to the peer pressure and suggest that the author (👋) seriously considers enabling the feature. In today’s hyper connected, but poorly secured, world (trying not to spread FUD, but the world is hairy) improving ones privacy and security is a great New Year’s resolution.

  • Like the other commenters, I strongly recommend using it. There’s really no downside. In the early days of FileVault, it was a bit slow, and there was some risk, but the improvements make it a no-brainer. I use it on both my Macs. When you think about it, you also use it on your iOS devices, you just don’t realize it.