Apple chip expert leaves for Google

Bruno founded and managed Apple’s silicon competitive analysis group, which sought to keep the company ahead of competitors in the area of chip performance. He follows several other experienced chip engineers who have defected to Google from Apple over the past year, including Manu Gulati, Wonjae (Gregory) Choi and Tayo Fadelu.

These are highly skilled people for Apple. It would be very interesting to hear what made them leave Apple for Google.

  • Creative people seek challenges mostly, also Apple seems less attractive to open Source Initiatives, I guess.

    • why are you linking open source initiatives to creative challenges? none of my entire career for fortune 100, 500, and gov employers was based on open source initiatives. still challenging and still utilize creative solutions.

  • why did the amazon execs in the prev story leave for apple? attractive opportunities are based on work expected to be done, and compensation. its why anybody takes a new job.

  • franksspam

    The bigger question is, since when is Google designing chips?

    • Home devices (think Nest, router, etc), car electronics and other devices use custom chips. No doubt they want to do what Apple does and control the entire thing (hardware and software).

  • Bob

    Engineers out, executives in. (This story and the Amazon one.)

  • GlennC777

    I’m not sure how much this will matter as it depends on the depth of Apple’s chip talent and I’m no expert on that.

    However, it seems to me that a sufficiently Machiavellian tactician would steal any chip expertise from Apple at any available opportunity simply to deprive Apple of its own resources. No other motivation needed, although I’m sure these tend to be the types of people who can be effective for any organization that motivates them.