Three Amazon Studios execs leave for Apple

Tara Sorensen, the head of Amazon kids programming, will take on a similar role at Apple as the company pushes more into developing original content. She will report to Apple’s chief content officers Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, themselves former Sony TV executives. Along with Sorensen, international development executive Carina Walker and business affairs chief Tara Pietri will also depart Amazon for Apple, with Pietri leading Apple’s legal affairs division. Walker will again be an international creative executive, reporting to fellow Amazon alum Morgan Wandell.

Apple is getting serious. It’s going to be an interesting 2018 in the video space.

  • Or 2019. Or 2020. Apple doesn’t comment on future products, right? 🙂

  • Remember when all those car execs and so on joined Apple? Good times…

  • Amazon’s policy of changing jobs every five years or get out probably played a part. A friend’s son was one of the first editors at Amazon music, and he left under a dark cloud because his anti-gay boss made it impossible to stay or transfer. He now works on Sears’ website. Talk about going from bad to worse!

    • At least Sears US, not Canada. I assume.

      • Yep.The guy who owns Sears uses it as a tax write off. So he has zero motivation to make it better. And his sycophantic toadies all agree with him. Mike Pence should look to them for a job.

        • It was driven hard into the ground in Canada by a group that then strapped rockets to it and continued to push deeper into the ground.

          It’s gone now. 1952-2018, officially.

    • strange story because amazon is supportive of gay rights. if his boss actually was making the workplace hostile and it actually was because of the amazon worker’s sexuality, he would have had other options than quitting and working for Sears.

      • Here we go, blaming the victim. Just because Amazon has a policy against discrimination doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. To make the point, right now Amazon has 9,000 job openings. (MSNBC) With that many staff, it’s easy for a few bad apples to slip through. My point wasn’t Amazon discriminates. The point was that such a random rule about job longevity has issues the people implementing it do not realize. The Peter principle exists everywhere.

        • agreed that amazon has a corporate culture known for stressful work, but disagreed that theyre known for being anti-gay or that there were no options for someone experiencing gay-hostility. Seattle and its tech employers are progressive.